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Robert Wayne Setzer


"Robert Wayne Setzer"

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August 1954 – April 2009
Memorial services for Robert Wayne Setzer, age 54, who passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, April 14, will be held in the Community Church in East Carbon, Utah on May 2 at 11 am. Robert (Bob) Setzer leaves his children, Skylar, Sarah, and Ashley, and his ex-wife Nancy, his father Ned, as well as siblings, nieces and nephews, and many friends.
Robert was born Aug. 28, 1954 in Sacramento, Calif., the son of Ned and Carma Setzer. He passed away Tuesday night in Roseville, Calif. while visiting his father, sister and family. He was a policeman in Castle Dale, Moab, and later in East Carbon, Utah where he retired and lived until his death. He worked at the College of Eastern Utah where he taught CPR and EMT classes, as well as instructing trucking, hunter safety classes, motorcycle safety courses, etc.
His mother, Carma Setzer, preceded Robert in death.
For more information or to send condolences send to: Setzer Family, P.O. Box 901, Norwood, CO 81423.

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