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Letter to the editor: Concern about ordinance


I have concerns about the Property Maintenance and Enforcement Ordinance, and the City of Castle Dale, and all the cities in Emery County, making a partnership with FEMA, under their Emergency Operations Plans. This will affect every citizen, and property owner, including people renting or leasing property, in Castle Dale. These two things would seem to be unrelated, but they are not.
The Global Green Cartel is coming to Castle Dale, every city in Emery County, America, and all around the World. The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives hubs are around the world, and rapidly becoming part of every local government. ICLEI’s initiatives of sustainable development are designed to help local government get on the United Nations Agenda 21. These are the experts that will tell us how to run our lives on every level.
They are setting up a police state to accomplish this. Infusion Centers, CERT training, code enforcers, green police, military, National Guard. International Troops all training together, police, sheriff, under FEMA’s National Level Exercise 2009. The All Against The Posse Comitataus Act was enacted to stop a police and military dictatorship from forming against the American people. They want to bring troops on our streets like a third world country.
FEMA also has The Clergy Response Team, made up of more than 26,000 pastors, bishops, and clergy on the FEMA payroll. Their job in an emergency is to tell their congregations, we must obey the Government, FEMA is here to protect, and help us, they will take you to one of the FEMA CAMPS, so just go along with them like good little sheep. The clergy, will then recite Romans 13, we must obey the government. I wonder if the clergy here in Castle Dale, have signed up for that program to get the money. Everything is about getting the money, they will do anything for money, or free grants. Already several in my church have recited similar things, I must obey, even a corrupt government. This is what the Lord wants me to do? I don’t think so.
The experts, the councils, the non-governmental organizations, the alliance for regional stewardship, the round tables, foundations, think tanks, are all buzz words for world governance.
The International Code Council Ordinances are being adopted by our local governments and local governments across America and the world. Laws are rewritten, and new ones added. Each mayor and city council, they just order the paper work from ICC and fill in the blanks. You can notice them by the code words, noxious weeds and nuisance clauses, vermin. Our Beautification Ordinance is full of ICC terms. This global green cartel will tell you everything about the environment, equity and economy.
The next phase of Agenda 21, to be brought into effect in Emery County and Castle Dale by the mayors and city councils, is the United States Department of Agriculture, sustainable development, selected sustainability and stewardship, to develop the third implementation cycle 2008-2009.
Using their wildlife (United Nations Biosphere Reserves) partnering and selling off our deserts, beautiful parks, forests, wetlands, coastal properties, and reserves to be run, and owned by the United Nations biospheres, most of them already are. America is being destroyed by design. You will pay a lot to use them; it’s all ready signed up for Emery County.
The Castle Dale Emergency Plan has been tabled, for a period of time, due to some resistance from a few local residents, but they want to adopt it for the money, due to the Agenda 21 they are following. We are the only city in Emery County that has protested; the other cities have signed, or will sign, the partnership document with The Department of Homeland Security and FEMA, included as part of section “U” of The Emergency Plan.
Section “U” deals with the possibility of a terrorist attack. The documents coming out of The Department Homeland Security are very disturbing, especially the document titled “Right-wing Extremist Terrorist Report,” which contains passages stating, possible terrorists are; military returning from the war; people who are against abortion; people who believe in the end time prophecies, who store food, and ammunition; people affected by the economic down turn, and who have lost their homes and jobs, people against The New World Order, Globalization, etc; people who don’t like American jobs being taken out of our country, and given to other countries; people who don’t like the idea of America losing its Sovereignty; people against the North American Union (Canada, US, Mexico Merger) just to name a few.
I am not against having a good emergency plan. It is a very necessary thing to have, and the plan is very well laid out and coordinated, with all of the appropriate authorities, at the local, and state levels, with all of their particular duties and responsibilities. The part, I have trouble with is section “U”.
The other cities in Emery County have agreed to sign, without even reading or knowing what the finial draft will be. I personally am not happy with governments and politicians, Republican or Democrat, that are so out of touch with the beliefs of their constituents, and the wishes of the American People, that they pass laws, or sign contracts, partnerships, or sign international treaties and agreements, because they are part of an agenda that is all planned out for them, by the people on top, the experts, and just fill in the blanks, to get the money or free grant.
They disguise these laws by names that sound so wonderful, and seem to make sense, or it’s for our own good and the good of the community, or your protection, something like that. I don’t think I’m alone in these feelings. I think some more people will be concerned, when they discover what are in these documents and plans, and what will happen to their freedom.
What is happening today, as we move along the political spectrum towards socialism, all the reins of power are being centralized into the United Nations International Laws and Treaties, The Federal Government’s Executive Branch, and all the Executive Branch Agencies, such as FEMA, that are created by the power of “The Presidents Pen.” Eliminating our voice in the Congress, or Senate, pushing us in the direction of Democratic Socialism and World Government, and eliminating our Constitutional Republic, The Bill of Rights and Constitution, with individual liberty and freedom being left by the wayside.
Much of this is being done, by buying with legislation or with “free” federal grants all the other entities. Money is used as bait and the hook is federal control or international control. The Supreme Court has ruled, and in this case quite logically, that “it is hardly lack of due process for the government to regulate that which it subsidizes. In the case of international law, all governments worldwide would be regulated through The UN Charter which would supersede The Supreme Court or The Constitution of The United States of America.
Are we global citizens or are we American citizens? Are we socialists like the rest of the world, or are we free? What is the price of globalization and international law? How does this all tie together, in our nice little peaceful city?
We are not alone, it is happening in nice little towns and cities all across America, and around the world. Just Google noxious weeds and International Code Council, or Google.nuisance and International Code Council…Google.FEMA and The International Code Council. The United Nations is looking for mayors to sign up for The UN “Agenda 21”.
How could FEMA and our emergency plan and our city ordinance amendment, tie into this? The first document from the UN is called “Green Cities Declaration” the final line of the declaration explains their goal very explicitly, “Signatory cities shall work to implement the following, each year cities shall pick three actions to adopt as policies or laws.” The second document includes, 21 specific actions with time tables as in “Agenda 21”.
The UN meeting with mayors took place in 2005. In 2008, they formed ICLEI, a non-profit, private foundation, headquartered in Canada, dedicated to helping your Mayor implement all of his promises. ICLEI, today the group simply calls itself “ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability.” In 1992, “ICLEI” was one of the groups instrumental in creating Agenda 21. What will our mayor get out of all this, little green stars from the UN and an invitation to sit with them at their round table to be praised by the world.
Pres. Carter’s 1979 Executive Order #12127 – created FEMA as we know it today. They are the most powerful organization in the United States and the are now global. It is not an elected body, it does not involve itself in public disclosures, and it even has a quasi-secret budget in the billions of dollars. This governmental organization has more power than Congress, it has power to suspend laws, move entire populations, arrest and detain citizens without a warrant and hold them without trial, it can seize property, food supplies, and can suspend the Constitution and declare martial law.
Pres. Clinton appointed James Lee Witt as director of FEMA from 1993-2001 Witt merged FEMA with nine other executive branch governmental agencies. The end of the Cold War allowed Witt to redirect more of FEMAs resources to disaster relief. Witt is credited with turning FEMA into an International Disaster Management Agency. During the Clinton Administration, Pres. Clinton added more executive orders, and powers to FEMA. We thought they were only part of Homeland Security USA. No, they’re global.
From 2003-2006, Witt was hired as Chief Executive Officer of the International Code Council.
Today, Witt, is CEO of James Lee Witt Associates, Unit of Global Options Group Inc., high end risk mitigation. He leads a team of world class experts from law enforcement, government, and military. Global Options Group provides high end risk mitigation services to governmental agencies, Fortune 1000 corporations, quasi-public institutions, and high profile individuals throughout the world.
Hidden by the name Beautification Ordinance, is our city complying with, The United Nations Agenda 21, by complying with the International Code Council and FEMA? If they do, what will the effects be upon us, the individual property owners, by the State of Utah Partnership, and Emery County Partnership, with The International Code Council? Signed into law, under R156-6; using International Building Codes Edition 2006 and agreed upon by the Commissioner and, the mayors of Emery County, and planning and zoning. The Green Clearing House of Codes are being forced upon us, filed May 15, 2007 and the date for implementation was May 2009. The Green Clearing House of Codes are: The International Building Code; The International Residential Code; The International Fire Code; The International Energy Conservation Code; The International Plumbing Code; The International Mechanical Code; and The International Fuel and Gas Code.
We the people do not like this ordinance as it is written; it is forcing us to serve your needs, and the needs of the higher ups, planning this agenda. It’s like belonging to a housing association without choice. The HOA run by city hall and big government, with a beautification committee that goes around looking at peoples private property and lives, voting if they think it is unsightly, or not clean enough for their standards, then tattle tailing to the zoning enforcer to carry out all the punishments, to the criminals who dare not comply, enter our property by force, and cause, destruction to our private deeded property and lives, and the things that we own, not you. Almost like restrictive covenants on our deeds, but we have no choice in the matter, you have made it a law, and will punish us by a multiple of fines, and class B misdemeanors, court, and in the end put all of these fees and charges on our tax statements, so maybe we are forced to sell our property. Is that what you want and you dare call it a beautification ordinance, so people will think it’s nice, because we like beautiful things?

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