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Letter to the editor: Raid uncalled for?


I was shocked, but not surprised at the raid on two dozen of the residents of Blanding. I am not defending these people for looting artifacts. I am only protesting the terrible way that they were treated, resulting in the deaths of two individuals, including a doctor in that rural area.
It, in my opinion, was not necessary to use excessive force as was done. Why wasn’t a citation for their arrest issued and then they appear in a district court for arraignment like happens with other so called “non violent” criminals.
The media trial and embarrassment of these individuals on the front page of the Salt Lake Tribune and news media was terrible.
According to one news article at least one individual was thrown to the ground after being handcuffed.
I am proud of our Senators Bennett and Hatch for protesting the abusive way these people were treated. It was particularly disgusting to see the sadistic smirk on the face of Mr. Salazar, from the government, when being interviewed about the raid.
It is possible that these accused people were guilty. Even if they are did they deserve the humiliation and two death sentences?
Hitler would be proud of Mr. Salazar. The only thing missing was the Nazi arm bands and the brown shirt uniforms.

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