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Brant H. Wall


"Brant H. Wall"

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90th Birthday
Brant H. Wall was born on Oct. 31, 1919 in Castle Dale to Alva and Ida May Wall. He will be 90 years old on Halloween. He married Betty Jane Ogden of Lynndyl and they reside in Salt Lake City. He served in the Army Air Force in WWII. He is the senior member of Wall and Wall Attorneys and still works every day litigating cases throughout Utah.
Brant is an inspiration to his family as he is, and always has been very outgoing, hard working, generous, and fun loving. He enjoys being with people. He still saddles and rides his horses, hunts, and likes ATV riding. In his spare time he can be found at his cabin in Joe’s Valley with his posterity who are trying to keep up with him.
Brant and Betty are the devoted parents to four sons and their families: Greg (Marla), Scott (Carolyn), Steven (Sheila), and Cory (Deanna). They have 17 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. He will celebrate his 90th birthday with family and friends at the Cottonwood Country Club.

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