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Part of world record event in Richfield

By Merlene Robertson Orangeville

Awesome is not enough to describe the feeling I had as I watched more than 2,500 ATVs come down Main Street in Richfield.
On Sept. 16 the Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree held their annual parade. This year they were trying to beat the record of the most bikes in a parade.
The current record, as reported by the Guiness Book of World Records, is held by a place in Minnesota, where they had 1,632 4-wheelers in a parade. That’s a lot of bikes.
My daughter told me for the past four or five years what an awesome week the jamboree was. There were bikes everywhere. Richfield was full of people from all over the country.
People laughed and joked and had a good time while lining up to be in the parade. There were old bikes and new bikes, large bikes and small bikes. There were people of all ages; old, young, men, women and children and even some babies being carried.
Utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) do not qualify but were allowed to ride and they led the parade. There were 2,014 qualifying bikes and the riders were given T-shirts.
The parade started at 6:30 p.m. and lasted until just before 8 p.m. It was unbelievable. people really came together to make this a big event.
It will be awhile before it will be official, but I am sure Richfield will be in the record books.
It was unbelievable, inspiring, heart warming and just a whole lot of fun. I can’t believe the people who complain in our town because a 4-wheeler goes down a wrong street and makes a little noise or a little dust. Do these people not have more to do?
It was certainly worth a trip to Richfield. You see bikes on Main Street there all the time. We sure will try to go again next year.

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