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I like my small town USA

By Carol Ekker Green River

Small town USA we are here to stay
I am sure we are not the exception to the rule. I know there are other small towns that don’t follow all the rules. At least in our small town we don’t have daily shootings, muggings, robberies, etc. yes we have underage drinking, drugs, etc. but it has always been here and will never go away but what town doesn’t. Our law enforcement officers are doing the best they can, but they have guidelines to follow and if they don’t follow procedure all of their hard work is thrown out the window.
Yes we have speed limits, but I have yet to find any town where everyone obeys the speed limit laws and law enforcement can’t be everywhere.
As for infant seats they are a great invention and have saved many a childs life, and yes they should be used, but I and a lot of parents raised our children before infant seats and they survived.
As for education I feel even though I don’t have children in school, Green River has great teachers now and has had in the past. Whatever means a teacher uses to teach a student should not be criticized. Also how they interact with a student may help that student enjoy school and become a better student.
Yes our small town has its problems, but when there is a tragedy or someone needs help for whatever Small Town USA is there to help in whatever they can.
In my many years I have lived in several small towns and a big city and all of them have their problems of one kind or another.
So good luck in finding that perfect Small Town USA because I am sure everyone will want to move there but me. I like my Small Town USA.

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