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Reply to small town USA

By Marcia Cordingley Green River

Are you new to our small town USA or are you just now taking off your rose colored glasses? I am a little insulted by the letter you wrote and published in the paper. I am a resident of your ‘small town USA’ and have been battling against most of the issues you brought up for 10 years now. So, my question to you is: “Where have you been all this time?”
Maybe you should not believe everything you hear. I am one of those parents who have juvenile delinquents in ‘small town USA’. And they have not just gotten “a slap on the wrist.” I have had to turn them in myself because you can’t get any help. I even had to deal with an early death of one of my children due to underage drinking and still have not gotten any help. The small town of USA needs to quit being selective in who gets caught for crimes and who gets the punishment.
Some enlightening may also help. Many are not into drinking, smoking, drugs, or sex parties. Children have nowehere to go and nothing to do in small town USA. I have been in front of the city council many times trying to make changes. I have been supporting the few kids who have tried to petition the town to help them “Get Off The Streets” and make something positive happen in their town. Are you standing there with me? I don’t think so.
We became the exception to the rule because children follow in other peoples footprints. When the adults wake up and follow the rules and set examples then things might change. When the adults get up and stand behind the children who are trying to make a difference, things might change. When you can get others of influence to stand up and make a difference, things might change. Until then, you may as well put back on your rose colored glasses or do something about it closer to home than just writing a letter to the paper that just insults the ‘small town USA’ residents like me.

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