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Clawson Town meeting discusses annexation


Clawson Town met in their August meeting to conduct town business. The town is checking into a LWCF grant. The treasurer’s report said the town had $15,848 and there were expenses of $2,014 and $3,044 and the remaining money was $10,790. There will be $7,985 in road money come into the town. The town has $862 of the CIB grant left from the expansion of the office and town hall building. The council will discuss what that money will be used for to purchase items for the building.
In the council reports Jerry Price reported he had a receipt for fuel. He purchased fuel for the tractor and welder. The new air compression has just arrived. Weeds are being mowed in the town. Price will also till the ball field and get it prepared for the seed. Price is the Clawson representative for the county recreation board. He said a meeting was not held in August to save money and the next meeting will be in Green River in September. The town is in the process of talking to residents concerning the annexation. The property taxes will increase for the residents being annexed in but the savings in water rates will offset any property tax increase.
Sue Simmons reported they have had troubles with the trees at the new ball park, but the trees planted in the spring at the cemetery are doing well.
Gerry Hatch reported the Castle Valley Special Service District wants a wish list from each of the cities for projects they want completed. The CVSSD has spent more than $25,000 on the Ferron gas leak problem and they are hoping to get assistance with these expenses.
Mayor Mandy Price reported the town is still looking for a grant for the ball field. The town is continuing to contact residents on the annexation and has met with favorable responses. The mayor reported Clawson Town helped sponsor the float for the grand marshals of the county fair to ride upon.
The mayor reported she performed a wedding recently for Kresta Cunningham.
The council needs to finish their National Incident management system classes. They have completed one course and need to finish the others.
The next town council meeting will be on Sept. 9 at 6 p.m.

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