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Fiesta raises money for pajamas service project


"Kyann Kofford delivers the pajamas she collected to Shelley Wright, Director of the Childrens Justice Center."


Kyann Kofford is the Emery High sterling scholar in foreign language for 2010-11. This summer she conducted a service project. She decided to host a fiesta. She invited friends and family and asked each guest to bring a pair of pajamas to donate to children in need. One of the guests was a friend of her grandpa, his name is Mark Romander. He was a marine in Vietnam. He contacted his family and his Vietnam buddies. Over the the last month Kofford has been receiving pajamas in the mail from several different states.
She received more than 100 pair of pajamas from nine different states. She also received donations worth $75, which she used to purchase womens pajamas.
Kofford contacted the Children’s Justice Center and the Women’s Shelter and delivered the pajamas last week. Kofford said, “The Womens Shelter and the Children’s Justice Center were very appreciative. I want to thank all my family and friends that donated pajamas, along with a special thank you to Mark Romander, his family and the Vietnam veterans that purchased pajamas for children in need. Mark told us, ‘You can’t imagine how many of my friends called to say that they couldn’t remember the last time they were in the store to buy childrens pajamas and how much fun they had with the Pajama Project.’ My Grandma Lana Kofford hosted the fiesta at her home and I want her to know how much we appreciated that. Grandma made Spanish wedding cakes for the dinner and Grandpa Kenn made a posole stew for the fiesta. They were wonderful hosts. I made enchiladas and tacos. We had a pinata for the kids. Another fun thing we did was play six fun songs for our guests to sing and dance to,” said Kofford.
Kofford tied the fiesta into her foreign language category by typing up the invitations in Spanish and putting the English translation on the back of the invitations.

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