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Robotics camp held for summer learning fun


"Chase Fausett puts the ball on the robot. It's job is to travel the course and place the ball on top of the volcano."

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The Utah State Extension Service along with the Emery County Economic Development council hosted the robotics summer camp. The week long camp saw the participants build their own robot and learn how to program the robot to carry out tasks. Travis Fehlberg said, “The programming is the hardest. You need to tell the tires how many times to rotate to go the proper distance to complete the task. If one tire is spinning then that’s how the robot makes a turn. The engine works to pick up and put down an object.”
The participants said they had a lot of fun and learned tons with the robotics camp. They used their math skills to figure out how the computations on how far the robot needed to travel to complete the required task. Christine Jensen the camp organizer said the campers learned a lot and they hope to hold the camp again next year. Campers included: Mileena McElvaney, Brettlyn Tuttle, Gavin Paskett, Colton Timothy, Kaden Allred, Nate Gilbert, Derek Anderson, Riley Rasmussen, Travis Fehlbeg, Chase Fausett, Triston Tuttle and Bryce Binley.

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