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American legion holds flag ceremony


"Chaplain Owen Olsen speaks at the flag ceremony."

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The Huntington American Legion which also includes Cleveland and Elmo held a flag ceremony at the Veteran’s Memorial Monument in Castle Dale on Veteran’s Day. Chapter Chaplain Owen Olsen led the ceremony. He said, “We are here today to pay honor to our veterans, those still living, and those that have given the ultimate price for our freedom. As we look at this memorial, ponder what great cost our nation has had to bear, in sending our young men and women into harms way to protect our way of life. We are still in a war that threatens the very core of our country. We must support our troops now more than ever. In the early wars we could distinguish who are enemies were and fought them face to face. In this war the cowards send children with suicide bombs to kill and maim, while they stay behind their cowardly masks.
“Let us rededicate ourselves to our country and support our way of life. Our veterans have fought for our way of life, and now we should thank them for our freedom. They have lost their lives, have been wounded so severely that they will never be able to live a normal life, all in the price of freedom. We owe it to our veterans to fight for their rights. Let our government know that our veterans deserve what they were promised, and above all, thank God for those brave men and women that fought and are still fighting to preserve our freedom,” said Olsen.
The veterans present fired a volley for a 21 gun salute. Blake Jones played taps while Keith Larsen raised the flag from half-staff.

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