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Emery Town honors Veterans, discuss business


"Emery hosts a dinner to honor veterans."


Emery Town is busy getting ready for the Christmas holidays. Their town bazaar was held Nov. 18-20. The entire community becomes involved with booths and helping out with the food. Santa was also a visitor to the bazaar. The town honored their Veterans on Nov. 12 with a dinner and entertainment at the community senior center. The Christmas Eve party will be held at the church where there will be food and Santa and entertainment including a nativity Christmas story play.
In their city council meeting the council members discussed the employee health benefits account. The council discussed water overage rates. With the increase in the water rates in the town, the overage rates need to be adjusted. The council will make a decision after they compare the rates and get accurate figures.
The town has a chance to sell the old fire station. They will wait for an offer from the company who wants to buy it. The old fire station is approximately 30 years old. The town is also offering an incentive to the business for a year without property taxes to help them establish.
Barb Petty came before the board to ask the council if she and her partner could turn the old town hall into a ceramic store and gift shop. The town will work out an agreement for power and rent for the business. They plan to open after the first of the year.
Colleen Davis from Emery Animal Health addressed the council on the rabies clinics held in the county each year. Emery Animal Health is proposing they help sell city dog tags along with the rabies vaccinations. They want to do a well animal clinic in conjunction with the regular rabies shots. They are holding the clinics on Dec. 18 and Dec. 28 by appointment only. The dogs will receive an examination for wellness along with the rabies vaccination for $35 along with a deworming. Emery Animal Health wants to place more emphasis on the health of the animal. Having individual appointments will keep the dogs from being exposed to diseases from other dogs and unfriendly dogs. Residents will be able to get the shots they need and the dog licenses all in one step which will save time and money for them.
The Emery council was agreeable and will advertise the service in their town newsletter.
The council made an adjustment to a resident who has been charged too much for his water connection. Alisha Roberts may be appointed the temporary fire chief while Nash is away for employment. The first fire trucks will be finished in December and each town will receive a new fire truck.
A discussion of water connection fees for apartments that aren’t rented out was discussed. The council determined the fees will remain the same and the landlords are responsible for the fees.
The council discussed scheduling at the community center. On Dec. 4 will be the Live Earth Christmas party. Dec. 15 will be the city employee and volunteer potluck Christmas party. Dec. 24-community Christmas party at the church.
The council discussed their CIB wish list for projects. Some projects include: sidewalks, lighting and curb and gutter.
Mayor Mistie Christiansen reported water is going through the new desiltification structure. The flow is very slow. There will be a property owners meeting on Nov. 16 to discuss the new pipeline project and explain to property owners who will be affected when the pipeline passes through their land.
Councilmember Corrine Dalton said the town will hold the lighting contest along with the coloring contest for children for the Christmas holiday. The city will give cash prizes to the winners of these contests. The coloring contest will have age brackets and several winners. The town will begin decorating and put up a town Christmas tree along with decorations in city hall and the community center and new fire station.
The next town council meeting will be on Dec. 14 at 6 p.m.

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