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Food bank building moving along


"The new food bank building in Castle Dale."

By PHIL FAUVER Guest Writer

The Emery County Commission met on Nov. 23. The commission approved the extension of the property tax deadline to Dec. 28 for Emery County property owners.
The following personnel items were approved by the commission; to promote Jay Fausett from equipment operator I to equipment operator II, to promote Tyson Huntington and Kenneth Ely Jr. to patrol deputy I after successful completion of POST, to give a 3 percent wage increase for Nate Finley due to successful completion of the six months orientation period, and to begin recruitment for an “in house only” library director.
The commission approved the creation of a new assistant library director position and to begin the recruitment process, “in-house only.” They then approved commission meeting minutes dated Nov. 9, and minutes of a special meeting to canvas 2010 general election ballots held on Nov. 16, 2010.
A discussion was held regarding the appointment of a Career Service Council member. Mary Huntington and David Blackwell will look over a list of possible candidates and recommend someone for that council. The Career Service Council hears employee termination disputes and makes recommendations to the commission. County Attorney Blackwell said we haven’t had a need for a Career Service Council meeting for more than a year.
The consideration of the settlement with the CW Mining bankruptcy tax issues was tabled. Blackwell said they are not prepared to deal with this issue at this time, except in executive session.
Consideration and approval of the change order for the Emery County Food Bank project was tabled for the next meeting.
The Emery County budget meeting dates and times are set as follows: immediately following Nov. 23 meeting, Nov. 30, 9 a.m., Dec. 1, 9 a.m., Dec. 3 , 9 a.m., Dec. 6, 9 a.m., Dec. 9, 9 a.m., and Dec. 16, 9 a.m.
Jim Greenan from the San Rafael Conservation District requested the County Commission provide a few shares of water for the Lawrence Cemetery. “This last year with the help of the commission, we installed fire hydrants and secondary water into the town of Lawrence. There is a little money left over in some of our grants.” Greenan asked Nielsen Construction for a bid on laying 789 feet of three or four inch pipe, with a meter, from the irrigation line to the cemetery. The Huntington Cleveland Irrigation Company wanted to know where the water will be coming from if they give San Rafael Conservation District permission to hook into their line. Greenan asked if the commission would be willing to put a little bit of county water toward watering the Lawrence Cemetery. The cemetery is made up of seven acres, if it is ever planted in grass the cemetery would need several shares water. Greenan said he would like to use the left over grant monies for piping water into the cemetery. “Otherwise, we will have to give the money back.”
The County Commission approved giving the San Rafael Conservation District two shares of water for the Lawrence Cemetery so this project can move forward.
The first public hearing to consider potential projects, solicited both verbally and in writing from all interested parties, for funding under CDBG Small Cities Program, for Program year of 2011 was set for 3 p.m., Nov. 30. One of the items on the agenda for this meeting will be regarding upgrades for public housing.
Norma Funk was approved to be appointed to the Emery Care and Rehabilitation Board. Commissioner Laurie Pitchforth said, they only had one candidate apply for this appointment. Funk will be replacing Gil Conover who vacated this position.
The renewal of the insurance policy for the Huntington airport was approved. Approval was given for Morris Sorenson to travel out of state to look at a chipper machine for the chip seal project and Kyle Ekker of the Sheriff’s Office to travel out of state.
Randall Stilson thanked the elected officials in this county for the service they have done for our county, for their expertise, their knowledge to make our place a better county to live, to work and play. He said, “I would like to thank both you Gary and Lamar. I would also like to welcome aboard the new elected officials. I thank you very much.”
Commission elected official reports:
Commissioner Jeff Horrocks attended the Utah Association of Counties in St. George. They had a large list of topics to be discussed. Jail housing and state payment for jail prisoners, to federal funding of senior citizen programs and the concerns that different counties had on how they are going to fund these programs if the state and federal money continues to dwindle. Several other items were discussed. Horrocks said, “Ray Petersen and I traveled to Washington DC on Nov. 15-18. We met with all of the Utah delegation with the exception of Senator elect Mike Lee. He was not available.
“We discussed our public land use bill and asked for their support in that process. We have the support from every member of our delegation. We also met with members of the Wilderness Society. They have been coming to our public land use meetings. They are receptive to the process we are using. I feel it was a very successful trip. We received the commitments we feel we needed and will proceed with our public lands bill process. Hopefully we will be ready in a couple of months to submit that to Congress for approval. Besides Ray and myself, in Washington DC, we had Commissioner Lynn Stevens from San Juan County, Commissioner Blood from Juab County, and Commissioner Wood from Wayne County. All those counties have an interest in this public lands use bill. We will proceed with ours and help the other counties where we can,” said Horrocks.
Commissioner Pitchforth said, “I attended UAC. This is my third UAC. It is interesting that we go over again and again many of the same subjects. You can see how people get frustrated when government works so slow. There are a lot of issues that need tweaking and I always learn a lot when I am there.
“Festive Friday was last week and they had a great turn out for that. I attended Hope Coalition and they have a new drug free campaign that they have started. There are signs on the highways that will be moved out into the different communities. Each sign has a different message. I encourage parents to talk to their kids about the use of drugs. Lets see if we can’t get this problem taken care of in our county.
“I attended Emery County Business Chamber’s first lunch meeting. It was a great success. I had to leave early to go and canvas the election. I thought the lunch turned out really great for our first time and appreciate everyone that turned out or helped with the luncheon.
“I attended AOG and I had a meeting last Friday with Ted Wilson from the Governor’s task force about the Governor’s 10 year energy plan. This was also discussed down at UAC with a lot of questions. A lot of commissioners were a little disappointed with the Governor’s 10 year plan. There were a lot of things that were not addressed in the plan. They talked a lot about renewables but did not address enough on coal, oil and nuclear energy. During the meeting on Friday with Ted Wilson with commissioners from Uinta, Duchesne, Carbon and Emery counties in Price. We went over the Governor’s proposal and a new proposal which these commissioners had drafted at UAC. Mr. Wilson was open to all of the suggestions and reminded us all that it was just a first draft. He said he appreciated all of the input from the commissioners.
“The Care Center had a state survey last week and they passed with flying colors. There were a few little tasks that needed doing, but nothing major. The Food Bank is nearing completion. I am impressed how fast that project is moving along,” said Pitchforth.

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