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101 Dalmatians coming to EHS starts Wed,Thur, Fri


"Cruella De Vil, is, believe it or not, Tyrell Clement and her henchmen are Adrienne Carter as Jasper and Kalin Reynolds as Horace. "

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101 Dalmatians Comes To Emery High
On April 27, 28, and 29 the Emery High Auditorium will be filled with 101 dogs, along with a cat, a butterfly, some crazy characters and the evil Cruella De Vil. On those dates the Emery High Drama Department will present the fun-filled family musical, “101 Dalmatians.” The Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday performances will begin at 7 p.m. in the Emery High Auditorium. The admission charge is $4 for adults, $3 for junior high and high school students and for children 12 and under, admission is free. This production is the Disney version of the timeless story about a couple – Roger and Anita – who raise Dalmatians. The Dalmatian parents Perdita and Pongo have a new litter of puppies – Dot, Lucky, Patch, Penny, Pepper, Rolly and Spot whom they watch carefully over. However, the evil neighbor, Cruella De Vil and her evil henchmen Jasper and Horace plot to kidnap the puppies and haul them to Cruella’s fur vault where they will be turned into a fur coat. A kindly cat, Mr. Tibbs, comes to save the day and rescue the puppies. In the end there are more than just Perdita and Pongo’s puppies as 101 Dalmatians fill the stage. The play has great music from the Disney movie along with some original songs written for the stage version. The play is timed for families with children and lasts a little less than one hour.
The narrator/butterfly is Elise Debry. Anita is Sophie Smith and Roger is Kalin Burr. Perdita is Marqui Moss and Pongo is Sam Kofford. The puppies are played by Tennyson Fauver, Seth Stephens, Anna Turner, Mia Doria, Camber Koerner, Sydney Tuttle, and Malone Moss. Cruella De Vil, is, believe it or not, Tyrell Clement and her henchmen are Adrienne Carter as Jasper and Kalin Reynolds as Horace. Mr. Tibbs, the cat, is Bryson Weaver. The nanny is Brinne Dawes; the policeman is Lucas Van Skyhawk; and the dog catcher is Craig Greenburg. Besides Dalmatians, other dogs are in the play and help to save the day. The Chihuahuas are Leedan Johnson, Nicole McCandless, Amanda Burnside, and Robyn Brown. The Scotties are Kittyara Barnes Kenlyn Nielson, and Adam Brinkworth. The Boxers are Colten Clement, A.J. Borba, and Jeremiah Luke. The Poodles are Marissa Urie, Jessica Guymon, and Kiley Jensen.
The play is under the direction of Neal Peacock and the music director is Marilee Cox. Choreography was created by Adrienne Carter and the technical aspects are handled by Gabe Mouritsen, Josh Knighton, Tyler Fairbanks, and Mcklayne Moss. This is the 150th play that Neal has directed and to celebrate there will be free refreshments served in the cafeteria after the production and all are invited. It is also because this is Neal’s 150th play that the school board has made arrangements for all children under 12 to be admitted to the production for free.
This is the fifth play produced by the Emery High Drama Department this year. In November they performed the full production of “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels – the Musical then in January they held the Beginning Drama play, “Big Bad.” In February they presented William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” and for a contest play in March at the Region Drama meet they presented a shortened version of “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.”
Now, in April is “101 Dalmatians.”
Besides plays the Emery High Drama Department attended the Region 12 Speech and Debate meet on March 2 in Richfield. Several students placed at the meet including Elise DeBry who took first place in Oratory, Ashley Stilson took second place in SPAR debate and Bryson Hales who placed sixth in Student Congress. On March 19 Emery traveled to Juan Diego for the State Tournament and there Elise DeBry placed third in Oratory and Tyrell Clement was fourth. Altogether, this year, the Emery High Speech and Debate team received more than 40 trophies, medals, and awards including second place in the small schools division of the Westlake Speech Meet.
At Region Drama held on March 24 at Emery High the Drama team took first place with a perfect score of 130 points possible. Every member of the team received full points and qualified for state. The Emery High contest play also qualified for state. In second place was Juab and in third was Richfield. At the region meet Logan Tuttle and Cory Cox place third in pantomime; Camber Koerner, Crish Everidge, and Tana Beagley were third in Classical Scenes; also placing third was Bryson Weaver in Dramatic Monologue. Taking second place were Tyrell Clement and Elise DeBry in Musical Scenes, Kalin Reynolds and Craig Greenburg in Contemporary Scenes and Mia Doria in Dramatic Monlogue. First place medals at region went to Marqui Moss and Taylor Hardman in Classical Scenes, Adrienne Carter in Humorous Monologue, and Sydney Tuttle and Nathan Mecham in Contemporary Scenes. Tyrell Clement was named the best character actor for the contest plays and Bryson Weaver was named best actor.
At the State Drama Festival held at Juab High School on April 15 and 16 Emery High was awarded the Superior School Award. Though state is not a competition Emery High came out with the best contest play and every single entry received a “superior” rating from the judges. In addition, Tyrell Clement was named best actor in a comedy and Elise DeBry was best actress in a comedy.
Overall it has been an extremely successful year for Emery High Speech, Debate, and Drama.

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