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Commission thanks firefighters for their work


The Emery County Commissioners met once in July due to the July holidays. The commissioners have an opening for a board member for the Emery County Care and Rehab board.
There was a change order for the low income housing project so the contractor can receive the money for the job. The commission discussed the burial plots in the Lawrence cemetery. They will sell all the plots within the fenced area first. After those are used then expansion may occur.
Josh McKell from the Utah Local Governments Trust insurance gave a presentation and requested to be able to give a quote for the upcoming year.
Johnny Miller from Utah Counties Insurance Pool gave a presentation regarding Emery County’s general liability insurance coverage.
The county will use Castle Dale City’s bounce toys for the fair and they will assume responsibility for their use.
The commissioners approved the resolution regarding the Utah Retirement System policy for elected officials of Emery County. Anyone becoming an elected official after the date when the policy changed, which was July 1, 2011, will be Tier II eligible. Personnel director, Mary Huntington said the benefits decreased with the Tier II policy. The commission adopted the policy.
The commissioners gave their reports. Commissioner Laurie Pitchforth said the firefighters did an amazing job in putting out the Seeley fire and she appreciates the community support given to the firefighters. Flags were put up around the Canyon View Junior High and groups took in cookies to them and treated the firemen well.
“We had our Miss Emery and Little Miss Emery pageant and MarKette Tanner is our new, great Miss Emery along with Gracie Huntington as Little Miss, Sophie Huntington as Junior Miss and Kayla Pratt as Miss Teen.
“McCall Spears our Miss Emery 2011 went above and beyond with her platform of no texting and driving. I was proud to work with her. We have an amazing committee and I dropped a lot on them. But I want to thank the committee and I want to thank Leslie and the IT department for the programs.
“The Huntington senior center remodel is really nice and I am pleased. The new director at the care and rehab is doing a great job and things are going well there. The rec district is gearing up for the fair and rodeo along with the pageant and lamb fry,” said Commissioner Pitchforth.
Commissioner James Nelson said there are some concerns with the Quitchupah road. Ray Petersen has been meeting with the sage grouse management group. They have a policy that’s almost ready. The county’s public lands bill has been attacked by the Utah Wilderness Coalition. The triathlon was held at Huntington Lake and was a success. There were a number of volunteers from the county that helped and also participated in the triathlon. Commissioner Nelson attended UAC at Bryce Canyon which was good.
Commissioner Jeff Horrocks thanked the firefighters and the support staff for the Seeley Fire. He also thanked the people of Emery County and local businesses that stepped up to help out. He said he attended the public meetings on the fire. He attended the UAC meetings where they talked about the medical prescription cards.
Sheriff Greg Funk reminded everyone to be on the alert in Huntington Canyon when it rains. The bare slopes make flooding a real concern. He said the issues with flooding are just beginning and will continue well into the future. There is no stopping in the burn area from Crandall Canyon to Electric Lake all of the trails are closed along with the Nuck Woodward road and Tie Fork. The river continues to run black and the fish in the burn area have died. The forest service has brought in the BAER group to evaluate the burned area and make recommendations.
A lot of the wildlife is down in the bottom and near the highway so watch out for them on the roadways.
Commissioner Horrocks reminded everyone to be conservative with the water we have and save as much as possible.

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