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Tina and Ferd Allred: Fair grand marshals

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Ferd and Tina Allred are honored to have been chosen as the Grand Marshals for the 2012 Emery County Fair. Ferd and Tina live in Huntington and are the proud parents of five children, Kassie (Neal Anderson), Keera, Cameron, Colton and Cale.
Ferd grew up in Huntington and is the son of DeCarma and Fred Allred. He graduated from Emery High School, received his Associates Degree in Machining and Fabrication from CEU and then his Bachelors in Education from Eastern Oregon University.
Ferd also played baseball in college, pitching for both CEU and Eastern Oregon. Ferd met and married his college sweetheart, Tina while in Oregon and they graduated together in 1990.
Ferd began his teaching career in Gunnison teaching and coaching there for three years before returning to Emery County in 1993 to take a teaching job at Canyon View Junior High where he currently teaches health and P.E. and coaches track, volleyball and wrestling. He was also awarded Emery County School District’s Teacher of the Year for 2011-1012. Ferd is actively involved with the County Little League Wrestling Program and has been instrumental in organizing that program since 1995.
Tina grew up in La Grande, Ore. She attended Eastern Oregon University where she received her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Elementary Education. For the first 17 years of their marriage she was privileged to be able to stay at home and raise their five beautiful children of whom she is immensely proud. In 2006 she returned to her teaching dreams and became a kindergarten teacher at Huntington Elementary where she continues to teach.
As a family the Allreds enjoy all things outdoors. Their interests include athletic sports and teams, hunting, backpacking, gardening, riding horses and spending time exploring the beautiful San Rafael Swell. Ferd and Tina feel very blessed to live, work and raise their family in Emery County and look forward to seeing everyone at the Emery County Fair festivities.

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