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Huntington City Council


At the January meeting of the Huntington City Council, a discussion of what to do with the old fire station was the highlight of the evening. The Huntington Fire Department finally has everything of any value transferred to the new fire station and the city is now able to discuss uses of the building.
The following was discussed: tear down existing building and sell the lot, sell building and lot, sell building and then have the building removed and keep lot, new city use for current structure with upgrades and just plain let it sit for now. There was no consensus throughout the conversation by the council in any one direction.
The council did decide to table the conversation for a month and to have the building and property appraised to set a value. The city would be open to input from the citizens.
A city resident asked if it was possible to use the town hall for free for a non-profit use. After some discussion, the Council decided to leave all rental fees as they are and to charge all that use the building.
The city did not reorganize department heads as has usually been done in January. The Mayor thought that it would be better to do that at the end of the budget year, which is June of each year so that the Councilman can go into the year with a full budget.
It appears that due to funding changes by the Community Impact Board that the Castle Valley Special Service District will be working on a tighter budget this year and Huntington City, along with the other cities in the district, will be receiving less curb, gutter, sidewalk and road work due to the changes.
It was also decided to start closing the Huntington dumpster site on Sundays due to lack of usage that day. The dumpster site will now be open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. It was also mentioned that if residents need a replacement can or if they want to pay for a second can, call the city to make arrangements.
Councilperson Gloria Wilson mentioned that the animal clinic recently held at the new fire station went really well and was well attended.

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