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Huntington hosts clean-up event


"Youth city council members clean up weeds along Main Street in Huntington."


Huntington city council members along with the youth council participated in a clean-up day in Huntington. They cut down large weeds that had grown on vacant properties along Main Street.
At the October Huntington City Council meeting, the Council approved a business license for Deb’s Day Camp. This business is owned by Debra Butler and is a day care service provided at her home.
Councilperson Julie Jones reported that the improvements made at the skate park are finished. These improvements make the park better and improve the recreational opportunities here in Huntington.
In conjunction with the Utah Department of Transportation, Huntington city just finished with a curb, gutter and sidewalk extension on Main Street just north of Heritage Home. This extension goes just past the river. The city would like to continue this in the future all the way to the corner of 400 East.
Mayor Hilary Gordon reported the annual City audit was just performed and that the audit went well and the city is in good shape.
Councilman Mark Justice reported several more portions of curb and gutter are being done around the city this fall.
Councilperson Gloria Wilson the city will be starting a new round of Cert (Community Emergency response Team) training on Oct. 29. Town residents that want to be involved are invited to come to the meeting.
Municipal elections will be held on Nov. 5 at the city hall.

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