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Spartan swimmers take first


"The Emery swim team takes the Southern Division championships on Saturday at the Emery County Aquatics Center."

By GARY ARRINGTON Sports writer

Both boys and girls swimming win region title
On Saturday the Emery County Aquatic Center was the site of a six-team 2-A Southern Division Championship swim meet. Emery High, the host team, ended up in first place in both the women’s and men’s divisions and therefore had the best combined score also. The Emery women scored 167 points to 124 points for second place Grand. The Emery men scored 180 points to outpace Grand High in second place who scored 97 points. The combined score was 347 to 221 for the Spartan team. In third place was Delta with 150 points with Wasatch Academy next with 16 points. In fifth place was Millard High with 15 points and South Sevier was last with 14 points.
Out of 22 events, the Spartan team won 12 of those races. Laryssa Guymon won two individual races plus swam on two winning relay teams to pace the women. Madi Allinson and Chyanne Carter each won one event plus swam on those two winning relay teams.
Laryssa won the 200-yard IM plus the 100-yard breaststroke while Chyanne won the 100-yard freestyle and Madi won the 500-yard freestyle. All three were participants in the 200-yard medley relay and the 400-yard freestyle relay. Kaitlyn Saling swam on the 200-yard medley team while Melece Pulli swam on the 400-yard freestyle team.
Spencer Fauver led the men’s team with two individual wins plus two relay wins while Kelvin Childs and Devin Wilson each won an individual race. Spencer won the 50-yard freestyle plus the 100-yard freestyle. Kelvin won the 100-yard breaststroke while Devin won the 200-yard IM.
The Emery men won the same two relay races as the women. On the 200 medley, Childs, McKade Hansen and Justan Potter joined Fauver while on the 400 freestyle, Fauver was joined by Potter, Levi Jensen and Kayden Parkins.
Also scoring for the Emery women were Krista Wright in third place, Valerie Chynoweth fourth and Erin Oliverson fifth in the 200 freestyle. Saling was fourth in the 200 IM while Jacie Huntington was seventh,
Jamie Gilbert eighth and Jasmine Frederick ninth in the 50 freestyle.
Pulli was second in race nine, the 100 butterfly, with Tarryn Parkins finishing fourth. In race 11, the 100 free, Gilbert was sixth and Frederick was seventh. In race 13, the 500 freestyle, Krista Wright was third and Carter was fourth. In race 15, the 200 yard freestyle relay team finished second with the team consisting of Pulli, Gilbert, Huntington and Saling.
In race 17, the 100 backstroke, Allinson finished second with Pulli finishing third, Huntington fourth, Chynoweth fifth and Oliverson seventh. In the final individual women’s event, the 100 backstroke, Sailing finished fourth with Parkins fifth.
For the men, Emery took four spots in the 200-yard freestyle, event four. Parkins was third, Alex Stilson was fourth, Zac Fauver was fifth and Childs was sixth. In event six, the 200 IM, Jensen was fourth, McKlayne Moss was fifth and Nate Gilbert was sixth. In event 8, the 50-yard freestyle, Ethan Lemon was fifth, Jaxon Winn was sixth, and Taigon Pulli was seventh.
In event 10, the 100-yard butterfly, Hansen was third, Wilson was fourth with Moss sixth. In event 12, the 100 yard free, Potter was second, Jensen was fifth, Winn was sixth, Garret Stilson was ninth, Travis Fehlberg was tenth. In event 14, the 500 freestyle, Parkins was third with Gilbert fourth.
In event 16, Emery finished second in the 200-yard freestyle relay. The swimmers were Hansen, Gilbert, Wilson and Parkins. In event 18, the 100 backstroke, Pulli finished third followed by Hansen in sixth and Fehlberg in ninth. In the final individual race, Lemon was fourth in the 100-yard backstroke followed by Zac Fauver in sixth.

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