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Conservation loans available at low interest

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Conservation Loans Available
Low-interest ARDL loans are available through the Utah Conservation Commission in cooperation with the division’s program. ARDL loans are made for a maximum of 12 years at 2.5 to 3 percent interest with a one-time administration fee of 4 percent.
The objectives of the program are to:
Conserve soil and water resources
Increase agricultural yields for croplands, orchards, pasture, range, and livestock
Maintain and improve water quality
Conserve and/or develop on-farm energy
Reduce damages to agriculture as a result of flooding, drought, or other natural disasters
Farmers, Ranchers and Irrigation Companies are eligible for ARDL loans. The USDA defines a farm as an operation of five or more acres with annual sales of at least $1,000. Any private farm or ranch operator who meets this definition is eligible. The planned project must be applied to farmland or ranchland. The Utah Conservation Commission has determined that canal companies may be eligible for funding. Funds can be used for labor, materials and equipment. Possible projects include but are not limited to irrigation systems, fencing, rangeland reseeding, erosion control, flood prevention, water conveyance and on-farm energy projects.
ARDL is a revolving loan fund, administered by the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food under the direction of the Utah Conservation Commission. The ARDL program currently has $27.6 million in assets and nearly $20 million out in loans. More than $40 million has been advanced for improvement projects by the ARDL since its beginning. The program continues to grow as loan funds are repaid with interest. The portfolio contains nearly 900 loans.
Application forms are available at your local Conservation District office or the NRCS office. Your local staff at the Conservation District office will gladly walk you through the application process. Contact Roger Barton or staff at (435) 381-2300 ext 101.You can also download application forms online at uacd.org/programs/ardl.html

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