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Sheriff’s office solves home/garage burglary


Emery County Sheriff Greg Funk said a residence in Huntington Canyon was burglarized late on Feb. 14 or early the morning of the 15th.
A vehicle along with a tractor and trailer and items from the home and garage were taken. It was reported the morning of the 15th and an investigation began. The tractor and trailer were located in Huntington Canyon. The trailer had a blow out and the trailer and tractor were abandoned in the canyon. Tracks from the stolen truck were located up the Berma Road traveling toward Hiawatha. The thief drove to Carbon County. There was much damage to the vehicle. He was located in Carbon County. The Eagle Air Med flew the area trying to locate the missing vehicle.
The thief was located at McDonalds Saturday morning and the vehicle was stashed at a home in Price. The suspect was on foot at the time of his arrest.
Sheriff Funk said there was much help and cooperation from agencies in this case. Sgt. Brook Smith and Deputy AJ O’Neil from the Emery County Sheriff’s Office conducted the investigation and located the suspect in Price. “They did a fantastic job in solving this case and capturing him at McDonalds. He confessed to the officers and told them where everything was. The suspect is a former Emery County resident now living in Carbon County. It appears the defendant was stealing items to sell to obtain money for drugs,” said Sheriff Funk.
Sheriff Funk said the Utah Highway Patrol and the Price City Police Department along with Adult Probation and Parole aided in the solving of this case. Detective John Barnett and Deputy Garrett Conover were also involved in helping solve the case so quickly.
Lance Harrison is now being held in the Emery County jail facing multiple felony charges.

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