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Cleveland Town rejects high bid on city property sale


Cleveland Town rejects bids for city property in their July meeting.
Cleveland Town put an ad in the Emery County Progress requesting bids for a 60 feet by 100 wide piece of property behind the fire station.
The town wanted to sell the property to avoid upkeep costs on the property. Two bids were submitted that were opened at the meeting. A bid of $1,200 was received from Tyrell Rasmussen and a bid of $3,550 from Reed Phillips.
Council person Carson Grimm said they should get the most money possible out of the property.
In the notice in the paper it said the property would be sold to the highest bidder.
Grimm made a motion the property be sold to Phillips the highest bidder. Council member Verla Jensen seconded the motion. Mike Taylor voted no, Carson voted yes, Verla voted no and Will Payne voted no.
The Mayor, Kobi Erni said there was a tie and he would break the tie. He voted no.
Payne pointed out in the bid, it said Cleveland Town could accept or reject any and all bids.
Grimm said the city is always battling budget constraints and couldn’t see why the high bid wasn’t accepted.
In other city business the town voted to approve paid holidays for city employee Darren Jensen.
The town will do more things to show appreciation for their fire department. They will order shirts for them to wear at community events. The city will look at new hats for the fire department. They will also look at prices for knives and badges. Knives are helpful when they are out on calls.
Grimm suggested spreading the gifts out over a period of time and not giving them all at one time. Jensen said they are planning an appreciation dinner for the firemen in the fall. The costs of the gifts will be gathered and discussed again at the August meeting.
Repairs need to be made to the wash and ditch bank that is eroding by the walking bridge. The area will be examined to see what is needed. The CVSSD said they could help with riprap in the area.
The roads will be chipped soon.
The council renewed the lease agreement with Darcey Powell for the Forbidden Fruit business. Her business is in the front of the old fire station. She was recently informed that since she leases from the city she is required as a renter to pay property tax. The renter pays the tax to the county and the county will send her a bill. She said it’s called a privilege tax. She said the roof leaks on the building when it rains and that needs to be repaired.
Cleveland Town held a follow up council meeting on July 21 in reference to the property sale. The council allowed the bidders an opportunity to voice their concerns over the property sale and listened to Cleveland citizen remarks as well. The council made a motion to reject all bids, get an appraisal and put the property out for bid again. The next Cleveland Town council meeting will be on August 14.

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