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Letters to the Editor:

By Dan Tingey Aurora CO

Dear Editor,
First I wish to apologize for not writing sooner. But, like they say, “better late than never” It is hard to believe that 25 years ago this month, I was let go from what to me was the best job possible! Traveling your area to report on news and sports events for the Salt Lake and national media was truly an enjoyable and amazingly educational time. For the better part of a decade I was privileged to get to know the places, and more important to me, the people in your area!
Telling others outside your part of the state what happened, and the surrounding details was a challenge that really stretched me, and I grew a lot during that time. The people, events, and stories my reports were on are cherished memories. Coming to know far more than the facts of a story is rare in most cases for journalists. But in my years of traveling there, things became clearer to me. Like the reasons, and development that led to things happening are etched in my mind forever. There are people I will never forget! They befriended me, helped me be a better person, and continued on their path of excellence. I owe them much, and hope they know how their effort’s weren’t wasted.
I owe you much, and wanted to express my appreciation! Even now I tell all I meet about your area, and all they can do and learn by traveling there. Those I meet are intrigued by my excitement and encouragement to go places many have never heard of. They know I am serious about the positives that come from going to unfamiliar places with an open mind, to see and enjoy the beauty, and gain from the people.
Thanks Again

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