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Castle Dale City to build visitor center in park


"The new visitor center will be constructed at the park on Main Street by the Castle Dale Rodeo grounds."

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Castle Dale City council heard from Margaret Fielding from the Economic Development committee. She said, “We are moving ahead with the brochures and website targeting Rural Tourism in our area. The City needs to form a branding committee. There is a grant available for an expert, Roger Brooks, to help with this. We need to promote what is unique with our area, and what would bring people here.
“The proposed visitor center needs only one ADA restroom because there are others nearby. We can have city employees do the construction because of the size. We need a schedule of events in Castle Dale.”
Todd Thorne from the Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments spoke to the council, “I am the new manager for the community development block grant and the revolving loan fund. We provide funding for infrastructure, roads, housing, fire stations etc.
This is done on a yearly basis. We have how to apply workshops in September or October in Price. The proposals are submitted in January. Grantees are notified in March and funded in July each year.”
Council member Brad Giles requested to host a workshop in Castle Dale, and Todd agreed. There is usually $350,000 available each year, after the Food Banks and housing rehab are funded. If a project is at the top of the list, it could get the entire $350,000. This money can be combined with other grants or loans.
Ignacio Arrien the Fire Chief reported they need a property for fire training; extrication and rescue. This house is available, but does not meet his requirements. “We could use it to burn the house for training. Does the Council want this land to trade or use? It is $3,000, which includes the land and one water share. We would have to abate for asbestos, which would be $1,800 or more.”
Council member Julie Johansen said, “There is no advantage to the city. I move to table this until next month.” A public hearing was held for recycling and enterprise zone resolutions.
Bryan Clements said, We had a hearing and discussed this at the land use committee meeting last week. We want to make one amendment on the recycling resolution. ‘This resolution will neither amend, change or alter land use in the community.’
Giles asked: Why are these important?
Delynn Fielding said, There are incentives available from the state for these areas. They expire every five years, so we need to renew this. Some examples of an incentive for an enterprise zone, is a tax credit for 25 percent of the cost or renovation for buildings on Main Street that have been vacant for two or more years.
Grants can be used for purchasing equipment and hiring employees in enterprise zones. Businesses in recycling zones that use recycled material, or recycle material, can get help with equipment to handle the material. This can benefit home based business, as long as they are in the Recycling zone. A signed copy of these Resolutions needs to be sent to Linda Gilmore at the State. Council member Dixie Thompson made a motion to approve the enterprise zone resolution.
Delynn Fielding said A plan needs to go with the resolutions. The economic development committee needs to do this. Most plans for cities of this size are about four pages.
Council member Giles reported on the new city hall. “We applied to the CIB again. There was a tie vote with the board. The chairman broke the tie and voted against the funding. We are going to scale down the plans by eliminating the basement, and apply again.”
The council discussed the scheduling and fees for baseball fields. The other baseball teams that are sponsored by the Rec Dept have had trouble getting practice time because the club team is using the fields. I propose we ask the teams to schedule the fields, giving priority to the Rec District teams. The club team will need to pay to use the fields for practice, at a rate of 50 cents per player per practice. Council member Giles moved to require the baseball teams to schedule the fields for practice, and assess a fee of 50 cents per player per practice for the club team.
The plans for the visitor center were viewed. A local electrician and plumber have agreed to donate their services for this. The city workers will build the building.
The council approved the hiring of temporary summer workers. Tyler Frisbie is available to work again this Summer. Mayor Dan Van Wagoner stated that he needs to work mostly at the cemetery. There are many headstones that need to be leveled. Nosh stated that the cemetery will be his assignment, except for projects such as the county fair. Ignacio Arrien Jr. is also available to work for the summer, This will be his second year.
Lael White, city recorder will go to training in Salt Lake City on April 23.
Bryan Clements from the land use committee said, We want to amend an ordinance to allow a premise occupation greenhouse of up to 1600 square feet. The ordinance now allows 400 square feet. We need to put this on the agenda for next month.” Clements showed the master plan for road expansion that the committee is working on. “We need to replace some members. We have seven members, and need nine. We will give some proposed names to the Mayor,” said Clements.
The Castle Dale watering schedule is: Choose three days per week to water between the hours of 5 a.m and 10 a.m. and 5 p.m and 10 p.m. If you have any questions or concerns call Doug at 435-749-2283.
Castle Dale crews will clean up and fertilize the parks and fairground. The Desertview Pro Rodeo is June 11-13.
Five firefighters who will take a test this week for wildfire certification.
Mayor Van Wagoner said he wants the city crews to replace the sidewalk section he talked to them about.
Joel Dorsch reported: I have volunteers that will be painting the restrooms at the baseball fields. The fence at the downtown baseball fields has been repaired. The crews are cleaning gutters and have started spraying weeds.
Dixie Thompson reported: I have a list of addresses determined by the beautification committee to be in violation. I will give it to Doug.
Julie Johansen: The Sheriff’s Office reminded me that all city elected and appointed officials need to NIM Certified on the 700 and 100 level. We need to give a copy of the Emergency Operations Plan to the Sheriff’s Office. “I would like the office staff to send a letter to Clayton Laws and Brian Dawes thanking them for their service on the land use board,” said Johansen.

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