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SRJH closing program: We are Heroes


"Ninth grade students seem to enjoy their night."

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The San Rafael Junior High ninth grade class of 2015 closing ceremonies was held on May 19 in Ferron. As each students name was announced the ninth grade students entered the auditorium through a glittering white arched tunnel. The ninth class was divided into four groups and each group performed a dance routine for the audience.
Carlie Robinson welcomed everyone to the program. The first honor address was given by Mileena McElvaney. Samantha Roberts then addressed the audience.
A musical number was presented by Malone Moss and Hannah Morris entitled Power Play by Robert D. Vandall.
Landon Fairbanks gave an honor address followed by Hayden Cloward.
The ninth grade choir students sang the song, Homeward Bound.
Riata Christiansen gave an honor address followed by Samantha Morgan.
Principal Doug Mecham addressed the audience and then presented the recognition of the 4.0 students and the students receiving awards in 2015 for outstanding work in various fields of study.
The 2015 awards are as follows.
Outstanding Art Student- Shawn Giroux, Preslee Bringhurst
Outstanding Readers – Jeffrey Boyer, Kammi Swasey: Received $25 savings account from Zions Bank
Outstanding Computer Tech – Jimmy Behling, Samantha Roberts, Kammi Swasey
Outstanding Family & Consumer Sciences- Justyne Jackson
Outstanding Language Arts- Jimmy Behling, Addy Healy, Mileena McElvaney, Samantha Roberts, Colton Wilson
Outstanding Science- Samantha Roberts, Landon Fairbanks,
American Legion Essay Award- Samantha Roberts
Integrity Award- Gregory Dulude
Most improved GPA- Donavin Daniels, Joseph Price, Ashleigh Higbee, Shawn Giroux.
These following students maintained a 4.0 grade point average through the 7th, 8th and 9th grade years:
Riata Christensen, Hayden Cloward, Landon Fairbanks, Mileena McElvaney, Samantha Morgan, Samantha Roberts, Carlie Robinson.
At the end of the ceremonies each student passed in front of the crowd to receive a congratulation hand shake from Principle Mecham and a certificate of the 2015 ninth grade class completion. In the band room 9th grade projects were on display and refreshments were made available.
Some of those displays were art projects and posters other displays were large decorative quilts. There was one large poster of 30 art students who had their works published.
The theme for the closing program this year was We are Heroes. Ninth grade students with a 4.0 for their ninth grade year included: Preslee Bringhurst Elexis Dalton, Addison Healy, Ian Hughes, Abbie Huntington and Jenna Oldroyd.

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