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Huntington City discusses new tippage fee at landfill


At the February meeting of the Huntington City Council, Mayor Hilary Gordon led a discussion on garbage fees as the cost of doing business has gone up and the County is now charging a tippage fee at the Emery County landfill. The City will charge an additional $1.25 for each garbage can in the city starting the month of March that will be reflected on the April bill.
At a December commission meeting, Commissioner Paul Cowley reported the Landfill Tippage Resolution will go into effect on March 1. The fee will be $10 a ton after the first 1,000 pounds. City containers can be brought into the landfill for no charge. Contaminated soil is $15 per ton. These fees will bring approximately $120,000 into the landfill. The storage of contaminated soil has been one of the only sources of revenue for the landfill.
This increase will bring a 10-20 percent increase in garbage collection fees for individual homeowners and businesses. This would be approximately a $12 a year increase.
The City is currently updating their City Hall. The windows that face Main Street have been replaced and people can now actually see out of those windows. The thermostats on the furnaces have been moved from their original installation to locations that are actually in the rooms they are heating and have been replace with programmable thermostats.
The City is looking at some paint work, carpet replacement and counter top replacement in the future to complete the renovation. The location of the Miners Memorial at the park by the cemetery has been determined. The Memorial will sit between the Crandall Canyon Memorial and 500 East. The Memorial should go in this summer.
In other business, the City has offered to buy 96 water shares from an individual not living within the city or even the state.
The Huntington City fire department was thanked by the sponsors of the Mammoth Marathon for their help with logistics the day of the race. This event brings hundreds of runners into the Huntington area to run in this race.
The City is into the preparation for the annual Heritage Days celebration that is held around the Fourth of July. The event this year will start on Friday, July 1st and end on Monday July 4th with the fireworks show. The City under councilman Lamar Guymon is looking at Greens Grove, the city owned property located north of Center street and east of 400 East and how to develop that into a park and other similar uses. Much of the work would need to be voluntary.

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