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Letters to the Editor: A look at politics

By Lou Sansevero Ferron

OK, so all the political pundits, politicians and talking heads are jumping on the bandwagon and criticizing Marco Rubio for saying that Pres. Barack Obama is not incompetent and that Pres. Obama knows exactly what he is doing. Well guess what, in spite of all the criticism Rubio is correct and I’m saying this as someone who doesn’t support Rubio! Why then is everybody, Democrats and Republicans alike, attacking him? The answer is simple, they don’t want you to realize that the American people have ignorantly twice elected someone whose agenda, from day one, has been the systematic destruction of the American Republic, the Constitution, the American economy, the American social system and the American military and no one; not the Congress, not the supreme court, not the states and not the American people has done anything to stop him.
In both his campaigns and continually during both his administrations Pres. Obama has told the American people that he is going to “fundamentally change” America and he has succeeded. His every action and every word has been carefully calculated and crafted to this end; he has worked to weaken states’ rights more than at any time in the past (with the exception perhaps of the civil war); he has ignored, undermined and circumvented the Constitution to further his agenda; he has taken what was once the world’s strongest economy and turned it into one of the weakest and turned America into a net debtor nation by increasing the national debt more than the total net national debt accumulated by all his predecessors combined; he has divided the nation socially, economically and racially more than any time in the past 50 years and he has taken the world’s premiere superpower, arguably the world’s most powerful military, and reduced it to a point where no nation fears it.
So yes, I’d say Rubio is correct “Pres. Obama is not incompetent, he knows exactly what he is doing” and Democrats, whether intentionally or in ignorance, are assisting him.
But it is not only the Democrats that are complicit in this destruction, the Republicans share in the responsibility for what has happened under Pres. Obama. When Pres. Obama began his campaign to “fundamentally change” America the Republicans wrung their collective hands and complained that they could do nothing to stop him because he controlled the Senate and the Senate blocks everything the Republicans try to do to stem and reverse the damage he was doing; “if we controlled both houses we’d stop Pres. Obama dead in his tracks” was the lament. Well, the American people believed them and gave them control of both the House and the Senate and what happened . . . . absolutely nothing, Pres. Obama continued his campaign to destroy the essence of what America is. So now the song being sung by Republicans is “If only we controlled both houses and the presidency then you’d see America returned to its former glory!” the tune is the same only the orchestra has changed.
We are now in the opening days of another national election season one which can either reverse the decline Pres. Obama and the Democrats are managing so well or complete the destruction of the Republic, the Constitution, the economy, the social system and the military that Pres. Obama and they have started. Maybe it is time to look outside the beltway for the next president.
The Democrats are putting forward one potential presidential candidate that describes himself as a “social democrat” but if you listen to him, as I have, he sounds more like a communist and the other calls herself a “progressive” which from my experience is the term adopted by American communists to mask their nature. You may disagree and say they are “socialists”; communist . . . socialist, what is the difference for our republic I would ask you, it would be a choice between a quick death by murder or the continuation of a slow death by suicide and in either case it would end in the completion of Pres. Obama’s “fundamental change”.
As to the Republicans, they are on the verge of once more snatching defeat from the very jaws of victory with those running for their party’s candidacy poisoning the well fighting each other rather than turning their focus on their Democrat opponents, the party refusing to acknowledge that the American people are in virtual revolt against business as usual politicians and politics and the rank and file Republicans potentially staying away from the polls on election day, the way they have in the past, because “their” guy wasn’t the party candidate without once acknowledging that a non vote is a vote for the Democrat candidate.
So that’s a lot of words, what’s my point? It is the same point I’ve tried to make leading up to the 2008 and 2012 elections; this is a critical election and there is too much at stake for politics as usual and partisanship. For Republicans we need to unite behind one candidate, when he or she is chosen, no matter who “our guy” was and for Democrats you need to take your party back by turning your backs on the communists/socialists/liberal leftists/feminists that have brought this country to its knees.
As for me, I don’t care if the next president is white, black, yellow or green, man or woman, old or young so long as the next president is an American with traditional American values. As to you study the candidates, study the issues and make a choice based on intelligence not partisanship.

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