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Commission approves placing tax increase on ballot


"Scout Allen Durrant talks about his eagle scout project."


The Emery County commission voted to approve adding to the ballot this November the .25 of 1 percent sales option tax as allowed by HB364. The cities have asked the commission to put it on the ballot. This tax increase can be used for road improvements. This tax would raise approximately $3.39 million to be disbursed with half going to the county and the other half to be distributed to the cities. Castle Dale, Huntington, Orangeville and Green River have sent in requests to the commission to have it placed on the November ballot. Commissioner Migliori explained there were two parts to that tax, the first half of the tax is on gas at the pumps, the second part is a retail sales tax on anything you buy throughout the county.
The commission heard from Lori Nay for the Rural Utah Alliance Foundation asking for the commissioners support. The Rural Utah Alliance received $250,000 in support from the Utah Legislature in 2016. They are now seeking support from rural counties. It is a non-profit organization seeking to focus on the needs of Rural Utah. Eight counties have signed up so far, Washington, Kane, Piute, Garfield, San Juan, Beaver and Wayne. The Rural Utah Alliance works collaboratively to represent the needs of rural counties. They help with any questions a county might have. There is a consulting hot line for information. They can give up to date information and help with litigation if needed. Peter Stirba is the acting director and Jeff Bramble is the treasurer. They will soon be having their first organizational meeting in August. Each county that joins will have one seat on the board.
The goal is to get the rural issues and concerns in front of the camera. Rural communities only have 10 percent of the population but 70 percent of the resources. Commissioner Paul Cowley said he would like to have more time to contact the people involved before Emery County supports the RUA.
Allen Durrant presented to the commission regarding an Eagle Scout project at Bear Creek Campground. He said a sign there needs to be replaced marking a trail across the road from the Bear Creek Campground. The trail was constructed in 1932 by cattlemen as a quicker way to get cattle up to Gentry. They drilled holes in rocks and placed logs across to create the trail. They don’t use the trail anymore for cattle. It’s called the Depression Hole Trail.
Commissioner Cowley said he liked the suggestion to put a telescope pointing towards the trail so it can be spotted.
Durrant said his dad will donate some steel pipe and members of his scout troop plan on helping with the project. He can order steel from family members and get a discount. He will need paint and wood and he wondered if the county could help with the costs of materials. He would also like to put the new sign in a more visible location. He would like to have the sign completed before school starts. Commissioner Ethan Migliori said the standard donation is $250 for these types of projects.
The commission approved a contract with ETV 10 to do 30 and 60 second videos for events and tourism. Cost will be $300 per set of videos.
The board approved a memorandum of understanding between the Bureau of Land Management and Emery County to install trail kiosks. More signage is needed on trail heads throughout the county. The Sage riders motorcycle group will maintain the kiosks.
The discussion to form an Emergency Medical Service Interlocal Agency was tabled. County Attorney Mike Olsen is drawing up the paperwork for this agency.
Discussion and approval of Modification NO. 1 to Agreement NO. 161608 between Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and the Utah Division of State Pa rks and Recreation and Emery County for the Boat ramp extension and parking expansion design at Joes Valley Reservoir.
The board approved the 2015 Financial Statement report of Emery County.
Discussion and approval of the Utah Department of Public Safety, Division of Emergency Management, FY2016 Emergency Management Performance Grant, Obligating Document for Award in the amount of $34,000 and Articles of Agreement. Capt. Kyle Ekker explained this grant is used for exercises, trainings, attendance at the Governors summit and FEMA training.
The board approved the Memorandum of Understanding Between Emery County and Cottonwood Creek Irrigation Company and the Emery Water Conservancy District for providing cash contributions to the Emery County EWP Flood Project along Cottonwood Creek. The county will contribute to this flood project and some expenses have started in getting the work done to mitigate these flood areas. This fund will allow payment to those performing these services for the project.
Randy Jensen was reappointed to the Career Service Council.
The board ratified a time extension for South Moore, Phase 10, Engineering Construction Contract with Johansen & Tuttle. The dollar amount of the contract did not change only the completion date will close out Oct. 31 instead of July 31. Merrial Johansen said this will allow time to put together all the files and documents that UDOT needs.
Commissioner Keith Brady read the comments made on behalf of the commission for Congressman Chaffetz in support of the PLI bill that was introduced to Congress on July 14. The board approved the comments.
Commissioner Brady read the comments made on behalf of the commission at the Community Meeting held in Bluff, with DOI Secretary Jewell and BLM Director Kornze regarding the PLI.
In the commission reports, Commissioner Migliori thanked all those involved in the stock show. He said it was a good experience to have Sec. Jewell in the county. Commissioner Cowley said there will be a senior citizen party upcoming in August for all county seniors. BKs will do the catering.
Commissioner Brady said he will be involved in an economic development strategy planning meeting with the governor’s office of economic development and the department of tourism to become partners in bringing economic development to the area. Sec. Jewell’s visit was a good opportunity for the county. She was impressed with what the county has done here. She visited the Wedge and the Swinging Bridge. She went to Green River and then down south to Moab and the meeting in Bluff.
The council approved for Dusty Butler to travel out-of-state travel to Las Vegas for Taser Instructor training. Approval of out-of-state travel for Captain Kyle Ekker, and Detectives Barnett, Conover and Curtis to attend the UNOA Annual Conference in Mesquite, Nevada on August 22-26.
Approval of out-of-state travel for Captains Kyle Ekker and Jeff Thomas, and Detectives Barnett, Conover and Curtis to attend the CNOA Annual Conference in San Diego, California Nov. 17-23. Approval of cell phone stipend request for Melany Weaver in the Attorney’s Office.
Road Department selected John Wilson as a part-time, working 19 3/4 hours per week, Equipment Operator/Driver l.

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