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Commission approves 2017 budget


"Librarian Roxanne Jensen makes a request at commission meeting."


The Emery County Commissioners met for their lone meeting in December. The main item to be taken care of was the approval of the amended 2016 budget and the approval of the 2017 budget. The Castle Valley Special Service District budgets were also approved. Two Public Hearings were held one to receive public comments concerning opening and amending of the FY 2016 budgets for the Emery County General Fund, Special Revenue Funds, Capital Projects Funds, Local Building Authority, and Castle Valley Special Service District. The second Public Hearing was to receive public comment regarding the proposed FY 2017 budgets for the Emery County General Fund, Special Revenue Funds, Capital Projects Fund, Local Building Authority and Castle Valley Special Service District.
A 3 percent cost of living increase was built into the budget for all county employees.
Projected taxes, prior years taxes, sales tax, county sales tax, assessing and collecting, fee in lieu of general, penalties and interest will bring in $9,268,292. Other income that comes into the county will include business licenses, building permits, zoning fees, oil and gas leases, plan check fee, marriage licenses and encroachment permits for a total of $31,000. Total intergovernmental monies coming into the county include: federal payment in lieu of taxes, state grants, homeland security, state payment in lieu of taxes, forest reserve, security, court security-justice court, bailiff reimbursement, state court space reimbursement, housing prisoners, ECSSD number one reimbursement, reimbursement from library, BLM desert patrol, sundry revenue; these sources will add $2,328,868 to the county general fund.
Also adding to the budget are clerks fees, recorders fees, sheriff fees, inmate transport, inmate medical payments, work release program, inmate commissary sales, deputy OT reimbursement, forest service law enforcement, land fill charges, motor vehicle reimbursement, phone reimbursement, animal control fees and the Lawrence cemetery.
Court fines add 370,000; small claim fees adds $4,000 to the budget. Miscellaneous items which bring in revenue include: interest on the general fund; Horn Mountain TV tower, sale of fixed assets, weed and mosquito revenue, sundry revenue, contributions and transfers; total miscellaneous items are $787,122. The total general fund revenue for 2017 is 12,952,982. Any mineral lease monies that come into the county will be added to the budget after the amount is known. The commissioners presented the Years of Service Awards.
Business licenses were approved for the following businesses: Karen Scrafford for Elements Wilderness Program in Huntington. Amber Jones for Craft Creations of Cleveland; Laurel Nielsen for Get It Done Naturally Enterprises of Castle Dale; Clyde Huntsman for Summo Robotics.
The following items were approved: Interlocal Agreement with SSD#1 for services; 2017 Meeting Schedule and the 2017 Holiday Schedule.
The Mineral Lease Money allocations for 2017 were approved along with the SITLA Money Allocations for 2017.
Commissioner Paul Cowley voiced his support in creating an Airport Advisory Committee for the Huntington Airport. The commission approved starting the process to develop this committee.
A tax abatement for Mila Anderson on parcel was approved. The parcel had been assessed by the state as well. So the commission voted to abate the taxes.
A tax abatement was approved for a trailer in Castle Valley Trailer Court in Ferron for the amount of $76.72.
Kris Bell presented the agreement of the rollback tax/greenbelt for Garry Petersen. His taxes will be the same for 2016, If all the terms of the agreement are met the property will be eligible for green belt in the future.
The board approved the contract with Emery County and the State of Utah for reimbursement for work done by Val Payne of “Payne Relief”, for Emery County’s General Plan. The county has paid the bill and is looking for reimbursement from the state. This general plan was a directive from the state legislature. Emery County has a general plan and the other items the state wanted added to plans was accomplished by Val Payne.
The Fire Management Authority and Transfer of Fiscal Responsibility between Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands and Emery County was approved and along with the County Fire Warden Agreement between the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands and Emery County.
The Cooperative Agreement between the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands and Emery County was approved.
The commission approved the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition Interlocal Agreement. It’s basically the same agreement with the addition of Sevier County into the coalition.
The Workers Compensation premium with Utah Local Governments Trust was adopted the 2017 Premium is $68,670 for an increase of $1,926.
Commissioner Keith Brady and County Attorney Mike Olsen went to a lunch hosted by the Rural Utah Alliance. The group had presented before the county commission a few months ago and the county wanted to wait and see the direction the group was going before joining. “We liked what they had to say, they’re involved with the wild horse and burros and public land issues,” said Brady. Olsen said it will be beneficial to the county. The group is fighting for issues important to Emery County. The cost is $5,000 per year. The fee was approved.
The Rural Utah Alliance is also filing suit on the coal lease moratorium. The commission approved Emery County joining in the Coal Moratorium Filing.
The bids on the Cottonwood Creek Project, were rejected. Merrial Johansen said it’s been 90 days and the project was unable to proceed due to wetlands studies. When things are lined up again the project will be re-bid. The alignment of the dike will need to be done due to wetlands.
The sheriff’s office received an award of $3000 from the State of Utah FY2015 Citizen Corps Supplemental Grant to ECSO. The grant will be split $1500 will go to Emery County and $1500 to Carbon County.
The Ratification of approval to sign and submit NRCS from ADS-78 on the Cox Spur Road project area of the Cottonwood Creek Project was approved. The cement work needed to be done on this leg of the project.
The commission voted to accept an extension on the funding cut-off date with the NRCS on the Cottonwood Creek Project. The New cut-off date will be August 5, 2017.
The commission approved an agreement with the Emery County Sheriff’s Office housing Grand County Inmates. The Grand County jail is being remodeled and Emery County is helping them out by housing their inmates during the construction. The sheriff’s office is being paid for housing the inmates.
The commission gave approval for the sheriff’s office to apply for the Utah Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness 2017 Planning Grant.
Librarian Roxanne Jensen requested the STEM Contract for Castle Dale Library. $75 to Carolyn Randall and $75 to Larry Randall be approved. The library received a grant for STEM education and they are hosting activities every other month. The grant monies go to these project nights.
The Special Utility License Agreement, Special Utility License Agreement Bond and Individual Performance and Warranty Bond between Emery County and PacifiCorp was approved.
The MOU between Emery County and the State of Utah Department of Natural Resources Division of Parks and Recreation for coordination on matters relating to Des Bee Dove Trail was approved. Commissioner Brady said he walked that trail with a park employee and they are going to run the trail cat on the trail.
The commission approved Emery County’s opposition to the designation of excessively large, landscape-scale national monuments by the use of the Antiquities Act. Commissioner Brady attended a press conference organized by Sen. Lee where the County Commissioner Rebecca Benally from San Juan County spoke against the monument because it may restrict access to their tribal lands. “Hopefully, we’ll not have a monument down there. The Utah delegation is opposed to a monument.
The resolution to adopt the authorized Local Option General Sales Tax HB 362 dedicated to transportation and approved by the voters was approved by the commission. Taxes raised from this tax will go to benefit roads and trails.
Sheriff Greg Funk reported on the Shop with a Cop event. Twelve students from local schools were taken shopping. The funds also went to help a family who recently suffered a crisis. There will be another fundraiser next year for shop with a cop. Sheriff Funk said this event is one of the highlights of his year seeing the faces on the young shoppers as they pick out gifts for their families.
Attorney Olsen thanked Commissioner Ethan Migliori for his service to the county. This December meeting was the final one as Commissioner Migliori did not run for a second term. “Ethan wanted to do his part to give back and serve the community,” said Attorney Olsen.
Commissioner Migliori said, “I want to thank everyone for the opportunity I have had to work with the good people of this county. All the committees and boards with the volunteers who volunteer their time to see Emery County is a great place to live. I will never bad mouth another elected official, because I see what they have to go through. I still want to work in the county and volunteer and be involved. I am grateful for this experience in my life.”
Commissioner Cowley also thanked Commissioner Migliori. “We had a senior citizen Christmas party which was well attended. This is a great service to our seniors to honor them and see them at this party.
Other items of business included: approval of the General Election Canvas. Renew Mary Kava, John Eden and Judy Scott as members of the Advisory Council on Aging Board for another three year term. Approval of personal property business exemptions accounts. Approval to renew Jonathon Hunt’s position on the Trail’s Committee. Approval to renew Sherrel Duane Ward’s position on the Public Lands Committee. Notification Alex Urquhart has been selected as the part time Library and Museum Maintenance employee. Working up to 19 ¾ hours per week.
Rayola Pnister has been selected as the part time Ferron Library janitor. Working 7 ½ hours per week. Kathy Woodbury Miller has been selected as the part time Assistant Librarian in Ferron. Working up to 19 ¾ hours per week.
Abbie Christiansen has been selected as the part time Emery Library janitor. Working 6 hours per week. Jacqueline Wilde has been selected as the part time Travel Bureau Assistant. Working 19 ¾ hours per week.
Brock Winn was hired as a full time, with benefits Equipment Operator/Driver. LaNora (Kris) Richards will be a volunteer at the Green River Library.
Jeremy Lake was given a 3 percent wage increase for successful completion of his 6 month orientation period. Kevin Andy Wall was given a 3 percent wage increase for successful completion of his 6 month orientation period. Eric Nielsen was given a 3 percent wage increase for successful completion of his 6 month orientation period after being promoted to Sr. Equipment Operator/Driver.

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