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Letter to the Editor: In God We Trust

By Lily Harrington Castle Dale

I’m writing this letter today because I am damn mad. I was watching the news this morning and they were reporting on a story about a man who made a coin or replica of the President elect’s face on one side (in gold) even. The other side which we Americans have known for decades, the words “In God We Trust.” Every time I see those words on a coin or paper bills I so respect that because in todays world He is the only one we can trust. This poor lost soul that came up with the coin replica of putting Donald Trump’s face on one side of the coin. Ready for this poor judgment of this man. He had the nerve and disrespect to put on it “In Trump we trust.” How degrading can one person go as to dare to take our God’s name off of the money. Many others respect our “In God We Trust” emblem. To make it say “In Trump We Trust”. How disrespectful and disgusting can this man be. What was he thinking? I for one am very unhappy and disappointed that anyone could do this and look in the mirror and say I took “God” out and made Trump a God. How dare you make a mockery of our respect for God and may I add Donald Trump….God you will never be. You do not win my respect. In God we trust and I myself will always trust. Right now he is the only one we can all trust. Thank God.
This is my own personal opinion,
Lily Harrington,
Castle Dale

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