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Cottonwood Creek Irrigation Company annual meeting



By Phil Fauver

The annual stockholders meeting of the Cottonwood Creek Consolidated Irrigation Company was held on Jan. 20, in the Orangeville City Community Center. The purpose of the meeting was to elect board members and to conduct any other business that might become before the stockholders at that time.
The meeting was opened by Pres. Clyde Magnuson after which he read the minutes of the previous annual meeting and gave a financial report all of which was approved by the stockholders.
Jay Mark Humphrey gave a river commission report that the snowpack was down this year and they do not expect to be able to deliver as much water this year as they did last year.
Craig Johansen reported the Adobe wash reservoir received 20 feet of mud from the rains in the year of 2016. A new 34 foot high sediment pond has been constructed in an adjoining wash to collect the water and sediment before it can flow into the Adobe wash reservoir.
The meeting then adjourned to their respective districts to elect board members. The newly elected board members are as follows: Blue Cut: Clayton Laws, Justice Jorgensen, Clipper Western: Lee Magnuson, Mark Tuttle, Mammoth: Craig Johansen, Shane Nielsen, Mill Ditch: Clyde Magnuson, and the Municipal and Industrial: Loren Huntsman.

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