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Ferron City swears in new mayor/council


Ferron City council and mayor includes: Kern Behling, Adele Justice, Wendy Price, Brad Richmond, Randy Fox and Dell Mead. Danyale Service

By Danyale Service
Staff Writer

On January 11, the Ferron City Council meeting was called to order by the newly appointed mayor.
Adele Justice, who was later sworn in along with council members Kern Behling and Wendy Price by recorder Jamie Anderson. With the recently sworn in council members, one seat was still vacant.
This vacant seat was between Holly Smith and Brad Richmond, who received an equal number of votes from the council. To decide who would be appointed to the new city council member, the mayor turned to a simple yet effective way to choose: drawing straws.
Brad Richmond drew the bigger straw and was therefore appointed and sworn in as the new city council member.
Randy Nielson was then reappointed as Fire Chief for a two-year term.
During the public comment period, the council members tackled questions regarding the preparations for the water year and removal of silt from Millsite to which Mayor Adele Justice replied, “I don’t have a good answer at this time, but we will watch it close.”
Council Member Randy Fox reassured that he talked to the Canal Company and it is very expensive to pull out the silt and once it is pulled out it becomes toxic.
The meeting continued with the topic of Money for a Veterans Memorial and placement of that memorial. Discussions were made for where this memorial would be.
Some suggestions included the Ball field and Mayor’s Park. The City Council is currently taking suggestions from town citizens for where this memorial should be placed. For this project to work, Veterans are in need of scouts to volunteer. Council Member Randy Fox volunteered to work with the veterans to complete the project.
The state of Utah had a new ruling this past year stating that home businesses no longer need a license. The home business licensing is now left to individual cities to review and decide the criteria for requiring home business licenses.
Ferron City Council appointed Tammy to oversee business licensing and administration. The process for obtaining a license will remain the same however, the fees may change. Mayor Justice said, “it is nice to know what businesses are operating within the city.”
Starting next City Council Meeting, Mayor Adele Justice would like to recognize an outstanding resident and a Ferron City Employee each quarter. She encourages all citizens to attend the council meetings and support their city.

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