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Burglary at the Huntington Library

By Patsy Stoddard

The Huntington Library was burglarized at some point over Memorial Day weekend. When the librarians arrived on Tuesday morning to open the library
the front door was unlocked.
Emery County Sheriff Greg Funk said there wasn’t a forced entry into the building and possibly the door was left unlocked at some point.
One kindle was taken and some cash, reported Sheriff Funk. The case is under investigation by the Emery County Sheriff’s Office.
Carole Larsen, library director said, “Sometime over the holiday weekend, the Huntington Library was burglarized. Money was stolen along with one of the libraries Kindles. This Kindle has been de-registered and black-listed which means it is useless to anyone. It can’t be registered by anyone but the library system. If you have any knowledge of the whereabouts of this Kindle, please return it to the library. You could put it in the any of the Emery County Libraries bookdrops after hours. The sad part about this is that libraries are free to those who wish to use them. When we have thefts, we have to replace the items, which stops us from purchasing new materials. If you have any information about this matter, please contact the Emery County Sheriff’s Office at 381-2404.”

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