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San Rafael hosts storyteller Kim Weitkamp


Marilee Clark and Kim Weitkamp. Anjelena Behling

By Anjelena Behling
SRMS Librarian

San Rafael Middle School students experienced an exciting and fun assembly by the Storyteller, and Humorist Kim Weitkamp. As the redheaded child of exhausted parents, Kim grew up enjoying the role of the middle child. Allowed to roam free in the heart of Amish Country, her imagination was ripened by a life lived outdoors. Now she enjoys the role of being one of the most sought after storytellers and speakers in the country.
One reviewer stated, “Kim is a master at seamlessly building bridges from story, to song, to story. Like all good storytellers she evokes both laughter and tears, but her smooth silky voice, impeccable timing, and dead-on anticipation of her listeners’ needs place her at the pinnacle of her craft.”
In her work as a humorist, storyteller, singer and songwriter, she has taken home a full armload of awards and recognitions. She has worked on and created successful peace projects including the Peace by Piece Project in collaboration with the Taubman Museum of Fine Arts. Kim currently has eight audio collections, the latest two being, A Wandering Mind, a recent 2015 Storytelling Award Winner and a folk operetta, The Ballad of Ronnie Calloway, which was recorded live in front of 800 people at the National Storytelling Festival. The Oregonian stated, ‘Kim studs her storytelling performances with bits of musical Americana that match the sweet and gentle tones of her narrative”. Her material is played regularly on NPR affiliate stations and on SiriusXM Radio. Kim travels the continent full time performing at theaters and at festivals.
She has made numerous television appearances, hosted a successful morning show and has keynoted for some of Forbes most recognized companies and high profile national non-profits.
Following the assembly, 35 sixth graders were selected to participate in an additional writing seminar. Marilee Clark helped to inspire students to share their stories by using creative prompts. SRMS students are thankful to the Timpanogos Storytelling Institute and their sponsors POPS, and the Utah Division of Arts and Museums for making assemblies like this possible.

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