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Leukemia awareness walk for Deklan Walker


Green River Mayor Travis Bacon holds Deklan Walker, Rep. John Curtis, Commissioner Kent Wilson, Julie Wilson, Commissioner Lynn Sitterud, Paulene Sitterud, and Lorie Fowlke the District Director of John Curtis’ Utah office.

By Patsy Stoddard

A fundraising event was held for Deklan Walker at the Melon Days festivities. A raffle was held with many donated prizes. At dark everyone involved put on their glow sticks and Deklan was pulled in his decorated wagon around the streets of Green River. The event was called Light the Night. Deklan is currently undergoing chemo treatments, but his dad said he is doing really well.
Green River Mayor Travis Bacon and Representative John Curtis along with Deklan Walker were the grand marshals for the Melon Days events and parade.
Mayor Bacon said, “I’m so grateful for our incomparable elected officials who all came together to support Green River and little Deklan Walker. We had Mike and Jodi Olsen, county attorney, Commissioners Kent and Julie Wilson, Lynn and Paulene Sitterud and Rep. John Curtis and his wife attended the Light the Night to support Deklan.”

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