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Castle Dale City council receives approval to apply for grant

Castle Dale City Council Mayor Van Wagoner welcomed everyone to the meeting at 7 p.m. We have been approved to apply for a grant with the Eccles Foundation for a Pickleball Court for $5,000.
Kerry Lake reported on the Land Use Committee meeting of July. They reviewed the Cargo Container Ordinance. The Development Code allows for a penalty of a Class C Misdemeanor for Code Violations. The Committee feels that they should require a Building Permit for Cargo Containers. That would require the owner to have zoning approval.
They discussed Garden City’s Short Term Rental Ordinance, but didn’t feel at this time that there needed to be changes in the City’s current ordinance.
He has been approached about zoning changes to the Low Income Apartments. One potential purchaser wants to divide the property into separate duplexes. He is checking whether there are the proper setbacks and other requirements to do this. They have finalized the General Plan and will bring it to the next meeting.
He is working with the County IT department on the City Map. They wanted to know where the ATV Trailheads were and what streets allow ATV use.
Seth Smith gave the animal control report he removed a raccoon from the trailer court. The dog case that went to Justice Court was resolved. One citation was dismissed, and another citation was upheld with a fine for $260.
Clyde Huntsman from the Land Use Committee talked about Ball Parks and Rodeo Parking. The Land Use Committee has been discussing how to bring people into the City. They talked about moving the downtown ball fields to north of Highway 29, and building a Pickleball Court there.
That would free up parking for the Rodeo. If there was better parking they felt that the City could host more Rodeo events.
He also said they were talking to the Canal Companies about opening the gates and allowing the canal access road to be used as part of a trail.
If we have a plan now, then when the money comes available, we will know what to do with it.
The Council discussed costs of moving the ball fields. It would be less money to purchase property near the Fairgrounds and use that for parking. They are in favor of building trails, and other facilities if the money was available. Mayor Van Wagoner said he was in favor of them pursuing the land lease with the BLM.
Mayor Van Wagoner read resolution 8-9-2018 that would allow the City to extend a contract on a month to month basis. Concerning the Cargo Container Ordinance Council member Johansen said that we already have a penalty in place, and they discussed this in the Land Use Committee. That is where it should be done. The matter was tabled, and will be discussed at the Land Use Committee meeting.
The council held a public hearing for the Water Rate Increase for Outside Boundary Users. Mayor Van Wagoner reported that the Castle Valley Special Service District had determined to raise the outside City boundary water users rates. The rates of those inside the City are subsidized by City Property Tax and CVSSD Property Tax, as well as Rocky Mountain Power. This raise would make the rates more equal. Sandra Swasey asked if the inside City rates were being raised as well. They are not.
The Rate will be $45 per month, per connection paid to the CVSSD. The City will charge $51.75 which includes a 15 percent administrative cost. This rate will go into effect on Sept. 1.
Jefferson Manning talked about Cargo Containers. He has seen one on 400 West but was informed is was there before the Ordinance and it grandfathered in. There are two at a property on Des-Bee-Dove Road, that meet the zoning and acreage requirements. He will inform the property owner about setback requirements.
The Cargo Container is still on Valley View Drive. The owner has promised several times to move it, but it is still there.
Mayor Van Wagoner wants the office staff to send the owner a certified letter to the owner about this.
Kerry Lake stated the property owner needs to ask the Land Use Committee before placing Cargo Containers on their property. Manning stated that the travel trailer on Main Street has been moved.
Manning and Treasurer Collard showed the example of the Citation Book to the Council. They made some wording changes.
Treasurer Jackie Collard reported on Sales Tax revenue is up from July of last year.
The Fire Department donated time and some fuel filling up the mud puddle at the Castle Valley Pageant. For the Cowboy Memorial Rodeo, which is a fundraiser for the High School Rodeo Club, the City donated $3,637 in wages paid to workers, and $335 in supplies. Fees were waived for $600 for the Indoor Arena, and $150 for lights. The total amount was $4,722.
Recorder White reported 112 Business Licenses were issued: 72 regular licenses, at $35 each; 36 Home Occupation Licenses with no fee; and four Beer Licenses at $50 each.
The Contract for the CDBG Grant for Extrication Equipment has been signed, so we can order that equipment now.
We have been approved to apply for a grant with the Eccles Foundation for a Pickleball Court for $5,000. Council member Johansen asked about the status of the house that burned.
Jackie Collard said someone had the paperwork for a demolition permit, but hadn’t brought it back. Council member Barnett said they would have a Youth City Council meeting in September.
Council member Dorsch talked about the weeds in the streets. They used to be sprayed twice a year, but now we are budgeting to spray them once a year, and that is not enough. Mayor Van Wagoner reported that Commissioner Kent Wilson said the City Crew did a good job on preparing and maintaining the County Fair Site. He appreciated everything the City did. The City has a new Dump Truck, which was purchased from the State.
He asked the Council members to think about what they want to add to the CIB list next year.

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