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Emery County Commission signs agreement for weed control

By Alice Wadley
Staff Writer

The Emery County commissioners met on Sept. 18 at the county building in Castle Dale. Corey Worwood requested approval of the cooperative agreement between Emery County and the Utah Division of Forestry for noxious weed control. It is a yearly agreement between the county and the agency. The commission approved the agreement.
The monthly drawing for the safety incentive Visa gift cards was held. The winners were Natalie Olsen, Gary Price and Leslie Reece.
In public comments, a citizen asked if the county could help with roads near the Reeder subdivision. They will need approximately 300-400 yards of gravel and some slope work done to repair the roads and the dugways. Commissioner Kent Wilson said he will speak to Wayde Nielson from the road department to see what can be done.
Capt. Kyle Ekker requested approval of the Emery County Beer Tax funds for 2018. The commission approved the request. Capt. Ekker requested approval of the Utah Department of Public Safety Division of Emergency Management State Homeland Security Grant for the period of Sept. 1 to Aug. 31, 2021. The grant is combined with Carbon County. The grant was approved.
The commission approved low income tax abatements for three Emery County residents.
The commission approved a $250 donation to the Ferron/Clawson veteran’s monument. The commissioners attended the dedication during Peach Days. Several hundred people were in attendance.
The commission approved a contract between Emery County and John Van Wagoner for musical services for the Joe’s Valley Bouldering Festival. The event keeps growing. It is expected 400 people will sign up for the festival and approximately 800 will show up for all of the activities.
Randy Johnson, Government Matters LLC reported the Emery County Public Lands bill was not marked up this week because of the hurricane. It will be marked up next week.
Commissioner Wilson attended an informational meeting on the opioid crisis and suicide prevention. Commissioner Paul Cowley met with the forest service. The forest service is working on their plan revisions for the forest.
Sarah Jensen, assistant librarian in Ferron received a 3 percent increase for successful completion of her six month orientation period. Mitchell Horton was hired as a full time equipment operator with full benefits. A cell phone stipend and credit card for Vanessa Justesen, victims advocate was approved.
Update: The Emery County Bill was marked up in the house this past week. Ray Petersen said: “There have been some ideas and proposals from different entities thrown out there in regard to the bill. Similar to what Clif Koontz and motorized recreation advocates have been doing. Some include increased acreage of wilderness. Obviously SUWA still desires a lot more.” The bill passed out of the house. It isn’t known at this time where the bill will go in the Senate. SUWA continues to oppose the bill.

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