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Kira Saling is the National Winner


Regal Majesty’s National Teen Queen is Kira Saling from Emery County.

Kira Saling has won the internationals and is now a National Queen. She traveled to Oregon as a Miss Utah Queen and returned with the title of Regal Majesty’s National Teen Queen.
Saling said, “I competed in the Teen division with absolutely beautiful women. I did Mandatory events such as; interview, personal introduction, theme wear and beauty.
I also participated in favorite holiday, stars and stripes and masquerade.
“I won Miss Teen photogenic and I am the national theme wear title holder as well. Before announcing the winner of the Teen division I got a priced award. Out of all the contestants there is a special award of academic achievement where you submit your transcript and write an essay. This was awarded to me. Right after I was given Best Smile and then announced as the new National Title Holder.
“Seaside, Oregon is breathtaking. I never thought it could be so beautiful. I just need to thank everyone. This community is so supportive that it is hard to fully understand.
“Each and every person helped me to get where I am whether it was buying donuts, donating, or even walking by and taking the time to wish me good luck. I live in the most precious place. Thank you to my mom who believes in me 100 percent and sat for hours steaming dresses.
“Thank you to my big sister Kaitlyn and younger sister Khloe for coming along and putting a smile on face and making me feel loved when I was stressed.
“Thank you to my best friend and pageant mom Kelsey Sorenson for making me look my best, smile my biggest, and remember that I am a winner no matter what the outcome could have been. Thank you to my Father in Heaven who blessed us all with safety and joy.
“I am full of gratitude and honestly blessed. I am so excited to start my tour of travel as a National Queen promoting service and my platform of Cancer Research.
If there is anyone who would like me to make an appearance for an event or party please contact me and I would love to be there. Thank you Emery County from your local Kira Saling, Regal Majesty’s National Teen Queen” said Saling.

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