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Off to the Races

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The four physics classes at Emery High recently finished their final lab and project, which was a two-liter drag racer. The students designed their dragster around a two liter pop bottle. Class teacher, Duane Merrell said, “The students have really had a lot of fun with this. They try to design their car to be the fastest. They record velocity data and acceleration data and try to adjust the variables to enable their car to go faster. The students had time trials to start and then they have built and rebuilt and changed designs along the way and now they have a final draft. The dragster is powered with air and water.
“One student decided to make his car lighter and aerodynamic, this worked well because of the wind we’ve had on race days. It did make a difference. Probably the most unique car was designed by Tyler Thompson and Ashley VanWagoner, they connected three two-liter bottles together. This gave them more air and water within the vehicle
“We had about 100 students participate. The class winners that were the fastest included: Lindsey Reid in 6th hour, JD Jensen in 5th hour, Mike Jewkes in 4th hour, Phillip Chapman in 1st hour and Brandon Wilberg in early bird.
“The students really enjoyed the project and since it was their final exam they had to follow through from start to finish,” said Merrell.

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