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Harriet’s World


Spring has sprung. At least I think so. How do you tell it is spring? Some people say spring is on the way when they see the crocus sticking their little heads through the snow or all the snow has melted. Some watch for the tulips to bloom. Some watch for that first color of green grass on an otherwise brown turf. Some get an itch and clean their houses from top to bottom. Me, I know it is spring when I have to start turning the heat up and down. Up in the morning and down in the afternoon and evening.
Yesterday I forgot to turn the heat off in the morning and by the afternoon my house was really warm. I had the windows open and was heating the outside when it suddenly dawned on me to turn off the heat. Duh! I kept it off all night. The house was so hot. I thought about turning on my air conditioner. I didn’t.
Now this morning, I am sitting here freezing myself to death because I am too stubborn to turn the thermostat back on. Well, that’s all right you say, bite on a bullet. This morning the weatherman said it was going to be hot and sunny all day. Unfortunately, one hour later, he now says we are going to have cold air settling in on us this afternoon and it will be snowing in the mountains before nightfall. I am beginning to think he may be right. (Perhaps for the first time in my life.)
Right now the wind is about to blow us off the street. I’m freezing in my spring clothes. I had to shut the windows and put a blanket around my legs. Each few minutes it gets colder and colder and I am going to have to give in and change clothes, put on my woollies and definitely turn on the heat. Oh well, it’s spring. Wonder what tomorrow will bring? That’s my world until next time, remember those infamous words of Bette Davis, “Old age ain’t no place for sissies.”

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