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Editor’s Notes


I knew it would happen that the Emery County Progress would upset some people for putting names in the court docket report. I have debated about this for awhile whether or not to begin putting names in and beginning in January we have started reporting names.
We have had many requests to put names in the court docket for quite some time. The people of Emery County have a right to know who is committing crimes and what crimes they are committing or are accused of committing. Because in America we are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
They have a right to know who the drug dealers are to protect them and their children. Newspapers have the right to print names, all of the court actions are public information and anyone at any time can go to the district court and look at the public court documents.
I had a call this morning from someone whose name has appeared in the court docket. He has been harrassed at work for the last two days and now his wife is going to divorce him because she can’t put up with the garbage any more.
He blamed this situation on the newspaper, because now everyone knows about it. I am not an insensitive person, I cry at least two or three times a day for one reason or another and I do feel your pain and distress. But, we are not the cause of your pain. Whatever crime you have committed or been accused of is not of our making. Whatever you have done is just that, you have done it. We are all born with free agency, but we cannot choose the consequences for our actions, there are unrevokable consequences for the things we do.
If we walk out in front of a coal truck, the consequence will be that we are run over and most likely killed. If we speed in our car chances are one day we will get a ticket.
If we commit a crime we will have to appear before a judge and yes, chances are that everyone will eventually learn of it. We hope this will be a deterrent, if you don’t want everyone to know you are a druggie, then don’t take drugs and get some help and stay out of court.
I know the pain that going through the court system can cause. I have a son who is on probation. This has been very hard for me. It has been very hard for him, but with help he will get through and come out of his treatment as a better person. He has learned that he alone is responsible for his actions.
In talking to his probation officer the other day, I told the officer, I would do whatever I could to help this child. He said that was good that he has support. He said a lot of people don’t have support from family and friends. That to me is a tragedy.
To the people who have harrassed this man for being in the court report, then I say shame on you. What can you do to help this gentleman who is obviously going through a tough time in his life. Do not point fingers and talk about him and harrass him. Instead ask what you can do to help him. Do not kick a man or woman when they are down. What is wrong with you? Why would you do that. I do not understand these types of actions.
Support people who are having troubles, offer your assistance and do what you can to help them through the tough times in their lives. People make mistakes, people do stupid things. There are no stupid people just people who do stupid things.
But in the end, no, the newspaper will not take credit for ruining your life, we have not had a hand in that. In the end you have no one to blame but yourself. The person in the mirror is the only one to blame and the only one who can make it better.
Please do not use the court report as fodder for gossip about other people. Rise above that and treat others as you would wish to be treated if you were in that situation.

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