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Pride and the Post Office



By PHIL FAUVER Guest Writer

Clawson’s award winning post office

Picking up the mail is a social event in Clawson. To the Cox family and its descendents it’s not just a matter of mail delivery it’s a matter of heart. This little US Post Office has been operated by the same family since 1941.
Robert King had the first Post Office in Clawson, in a corner of his home. The Post Office later resided in a log building built by Herman Thiede about 1902. This building served as a store and Post Office.
In 1941 the Clawson Post Office was located in a small room connected to the back of Cox Grocery. Both A. L. Cox and his daughter Ila Mary Jensen operated the grocery store as well as serving as Postmaster for Clawson.
Grandfather Arthur Ludene Cox was Postmaster for Clawson from April 9, 1941 through May 1, 1958, when his daughter Ila Mary Jensen became Postmaster on June 1, 1958 through Jan. 9, 1981. Ila Mary Jensen is the mother of Sandra Justice. Granddaughter Sandra Justice has been Postmaster since May 2, 1981 to the present.
Justice said, “Our family has had the pleasure to be of service to Clawson residents for 66 years.”
In the late 1980s the Cox Grocery Building was remodeled into the now existing Post Office. In 1981 when Sandra became Postmaster there were approximately 24 general delivery boxes. Today the Post Office has 86 Post Office boxes and six parcel Lockers. There are approximately 300 people served by this Post Office. Although this is a small Post Office it offers all the services of a larger office.

Sandra Justice holds the Eagle Award which Clawson Post Office has won two years running.

One of Sandra’s most unusual experiences as Postmaster, was finding a trapped cow in the lobby. Apparently the cow had wandered in and knocked the door shut behind itself. A quick call was made to the owner, “Please come and get your mail and your cow soon,”said Justice.
In the summertime customers in the area bring excess homegrown vegetables to the Post Office, where neighbors can share in their abundance. Tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, corn and peppers all free for the taking.
“My job brings a lot of joy and satisfaction, because of the many services offered by the Postal Service. I know my customers needs will be met in a friendly, secure and professional manner,” said Justice.
Susan Simmons serves as Postmaster replacement and works when Sandra is on leave. “We are grateful to the Postal Service and the good people of Clawson who make our jobs so enjoyable,” said Sandra.
Three years ago Clawson Post Office was awarded the Eagle (a bronze statue of an eagle) in competition with other post offices in the Salt Lake District on the same level. Because this Post Office has won this award two years in a row, Clawson Post Office is allowed to keep the Eagle on display.
The Clawson Post Office is remniscent of a by gone era where things were just a little quieter and life was lived just a little slower.

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