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Relay for Life 2008


"Diane Tadehara, Wylie Nelson and Vickie Crosland carry the survivors banner during the survivors lap at the Relay for Life held at the Emery High School Track. Money raised from this event goes to cancer research."

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Emery County’s Relay for Life was held over the weekend and Kristi Rasmussen, the event’s organizer considers it a success. Twenty five teams participated in the overnight walk to raise money for cancer research. They raised a total of $38,750.04.
To begin the fund raising event, Rasmussen introduced the survivors who had registered and the survivors took their victory lap. Following the victory lap, Kelly Smith spoke to the group. She is a 33 year cancer survivor and related her story of being diagnosed at the age of 13 with bone cancer.
After the speaker, the teams were introduced and the walking began. During the evening, Jessica Labrum and Tasha Larsen entertained the crowd who was gathered to celebrate and cheer on their favorite team. Dinner was served along with many items available at the campsites around the track at Emery High.
One special event was the Miss Relay pageant. Nine contestants took part in the event where male individuals dressed up as women and performed a talent number. As the contestants strolled through the crowd during the evening, each solicited donations for the Relay. The contestant with the most money at the end of the night was crowned Miss Relay. The Miss Congeniality award went to Chase Humphrey and Ian Tadehara.
Hunter Potter won the competition with $521.17 in his purse. Josh Shurtz was second with $520.69. The tall blonde, John Bishop took third place with $314 collected at the end of the evening.
Other awards given throughout the night includ: team with the most walked laps-Cottonwood Elementary; most spirit went to the Wal-mart team; top money raising team was Danny’s Dolls with a total of $2,813.69; and the best decorated campsite award went to the Crosland family team.

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