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Business as usual at Bear Canyon Mine


"The Bear Canyon Mine in Huntington Canyon is still producing coal."

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There has been some talk in the Castle Valley as to the fate of the C.W. Mining Company and its coal mining operations in Emery County, Huntington Canyon. There has been talk of a bankruptcy and the possiblity of the company going out of business which would leave several employees without a job.
In talking to Charles Reynolds, president of the C.W. Mining Company he states this is not the case and the company has been sold which will allow it to continue operating and employing miners as well as the related trucking companies that haul coal from the Bear Canyon mine.
Reynolds said, “In October, 2007, Aquilla, Inc. was awarded a $24.8 million judgement against C.W. Mining Company, operator of the Bear Canyon Mine.
“C.W. Mining Company attempted to negotiate a settlement with Aquilla, Inc. which would allow C.W. Mining Company to continue to operate and stay in business. Aquilla, Inc. refused to respond to any settlement offers, but instead garnished C.W. Mining Company’s bank accounts, notified all of C. W. Mining Company’s creditors that it was unable to pay its bills, and filed a petition for an involuntary bankruptcy against C. W. Mining Company, making it impossible for the company to continue in business.
“After several months of attempting unsuccessfully to settle with Aquilla, Inc., C. W. Mining Company sold the assets of the Bear Canyon Mine in an effort to keep the mine operating and protect the jobs of its employees. The mine was sold to Hiawatha Coal Company, the current owner of the old Hiawatha Mine.
“The sale of the mine will allow the Bear Canyon Mine to continue to operate under the new ownership, protecting the jobs of the employees, since Hiawatha Coal Company is not a party to the bankruptcy,” said Reynolds.

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