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Colorado woman missing near Little Wild Horse Canyon

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The Emery County Sheriff’s Office has been involved in a search for a missing Colorado woman. Emery law enforcement authorities joined the search became apparent the missing woman wasn’t in Grand or San Juan counties.
A call came into Grand County on Nov. 17 when the missing woman, 54-year-old Rose Backhaus, did not appear for work. The last known record of Backhaus was when she checked out of the LaQuinta Inn in Moab on Nov. 16.
Emery County officials located her car at the Little Wild Horse trail head on Nov. 24 by 4 p.m. Grand County officials spent the previous week searching in the Grand-San Juan area because family members believed Backhaus to be in the two counties hiking.
Emery County search and rescue personnel combed the area Nov. 24-26 and, as of 3:30 p.m., had not located the missing woman. Eighteen search and rescue posse members along with the Utah Highway Patrol helicopter have been combing the area.
The missing woman is from New Castle, Colo. Cell phone records indicate that Backhaus checked her messages on Sunday. Cell phone records are being checked to see if there was any contact past Nov. 16.
Backhaus was due to return to work on Nov. 17. Emery County Sheriff LaMar Guymon said local officials will continue to search the area until Backhaus is located.

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