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SEUOHV Club rides 10 Mile in November


"Members of the SouthEastern Utah Off Highway Vehicle Club pause for a rest and a bit of sightseeing. The panoramas in 10 Mile Wash did not let them down. "

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More than well worth the miles it takes to get there. For the SouthEastern Utah Off Highway Vehicle Club’s November ride, Joan and Gary Powell of Price led the 24 hardy riders into the area Southeast of Green River known as 10 Mile Wash. The ride began on a chilly fall morning with everyone dressed for the weather. As the day progressed and the sun began to heat things up, the riders began to peel layers. In the end, everyone was down to T-shirts and the day was as beautiful as the scenery.
After unloading their machines, the riders went about seven miles down the road to a point where they dropped off into the wash. The scenery did a total change from barren to breathtaking. The tall red canyon walls served as a backdrop for the yellow leaved cottonwood trees. The sandy trail was an exciting trail to ride.
Just prior to arriving at the Green River, the wash closed off and an obstacle was faced. During some previous flash floods, the narrow canyon had become clogged with boulders and was impassable. The group began to think they would only get within four miles of the river.
Never count out ingenious and industrious riders. They built a trail of rocks up a short ledge and around the rim and back to the trail. The group, with a little help from each other, got around the blockage and proceeded to the river, which was a great shade of green and lived up to its name.
The club members appreciate Joan and Gary for their willingness to lead them to a great destination. They were good guides with a breakfast snack thrown in. Anyone who was on the ride will tell you that Joan’s snack was the best. Her recipe is: one box of golden grahams cereal, one box of corn chex cereal, one small bag of coconut, and one small bag of slivered almonds. Mix well and set aside. Bring to a boil, one and a half cup sugar, one and a half cup Karo syrup, and one cup real butter and boil for two minutes. Pour over the cereal mixture and mix well.
Joan put some of the snack into individual zip lock bags and at one of the morning rest stops, handed them out and everyone was grateful for the delicious breakfast.
The SEUOHV Club will meet on Dec. 3 for its monthly meeting at 7 p.m. in the county building. On Dec. 12, the Christmas party will be held. At the party, the group will decide about a December ride. The weather will play a part in the decison of where to go for the ride.

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