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Letters to the Editor

By Dixie Madsen-Salt Lake

Organ donation

This Halloween, if you haven’t said yes to organ donation, be afraid, VERY afraid. Many of us think about really scary things at Halloween like mummies, witches, and zombies. But what could be more frightening than a group of 30 mothers prepared to fight the myths and misconceptions about donation. Their protective instincts drive them to help those waiting for a life saving transplant. This fall, Intermountain Donor Services is partnering with a group of moms whose child has either had a transplant or is waiting for a lifesaving transplant. They are The M.O.D. Squad (Mothers for Organ Donation), and they are out to bust myths about organ donation and break a few heads of those who won’t listen to reason. If you think you can’t be a donor because you have diabetes, they will set you straight, because, yes, you can still be an organ donor.
Don’t exclude yourself from organ donation because you couldn’t donate blood. That is NOT a rule out. Think you are too old to donate? Think again. You can be an organ donor up to the age of 80. These ladies won’t take no for an answer, so be warned. If you haven’t said “yes” to organ donation, be afraid, VERY afraid. To help keep the M.O.D. Squad from tracking you down, go to www.yesutah.org to get the facts and sign up now. You don’t want to make these mommas mad.

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