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Emery High Senior dies in vehicle accident

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Emery County resident Ethan Winter was killed in a vehicle accident on Sunday in Carbon County. The accident took place up Consumers Road. Ethan was a senior at Emery High. A female passenger in the vehicle is reported to be in good condition.
Ethan was on the first Emery boys soccer team. He was the field goal and point after kicker for the Emery High Spartan football team this fall.
Emery High Principal Steven Gordon said they have had counselors at the school all morning going in and out of classrooms to help students at the high school deal with their grief over the loss of a classmate and friend.
Principal Gordon said, “It was through the work of the Winter family that we have soccer at the school. Ethan was a good kid. The students have been reminiscing and sharing their memories of Ethan. We are trying to keep an open discussion at the school. If the students have questions or want to talk we have Jonathon Fauver from Four Corners and Ammon Sorensen available as well as our school counselors. Some of the teachers have wanted a classroom discussion.
“Superintendent Davis and I went to visit with the family and offer our support. We’re just trying to survive and be here for the kids. This affects our whole school and the community. His dad Troy is our soccer coach and Ethan has been involved in coaching younger soccer teams at the elementary and junior high age level. Ethan played football this year so he made 50 new friends there. This is devastating for their family, but the family indicated their faith will pull them through, they are a strong family.”

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