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Commission approves new EMS documents


The Emery County commissioners met for their November meeting. They approved the bid for the landfill metal pile. Western Metals bid $32 a ton. The landfill collects metal that comes in and then when the bins are full the company pays the landfill for the metal. This process raises some money for the landfill.
The commission opened the sealed bids for complete security cameras at the Emery County Sheriff’s Office and Jail. Sheriff Funk looked over the bids one from Security 101 for $68,511 and one from Sound Unlimited for $49,172. The bid was awarded to Sound Unlimited.
The county adopted a resolution requiring Federal and State agencies with management, oversight or planning duties to coordinate with Emery County on all land use and natural resource planning within Emery County. County Attorney Mike Olsen said they are adopting the same resolution that Carbon County did. This resolution will help secure our rights and protect our interests as far as public lands go. The information was also sent to Ray Petersen, public lands director. Petersen said the county has legislative rights concerning federal laws for public lands, but he doesn’t view the resolution as hurting anything. The county general plan asserts rights to the county.
Commissioner Ethan Migliori said, “This will strengthen our position to what we view as important.
A grant was approved for Castle Dale Library to apply for a grant with the Great Stories Club.
It was approved to remove a rollback tax for Stanley and Ricky Larsen.
A one time tax abatement for parcel # 01-0126-0034 for Wilbur Fowler was approved.
BLM Title V Right-of-Way application and emergency borrow area for the Price River Road was approved. This will allow the road department to use materials on site to repair the road that was washed out during a rain storm. The road was washed out for a quarter of a mile with 10 feet drop-offs. It exposed some fiber optic cables which have been covered.
The Six County Infrastructure Coalition that Emery County is a member of is changing to seven counties so new documents are being drafted to reflect this change. Emery County will look at approving these documents when they are ready.
The board approved the Emery County Airport Liability Insurance Renewal.
The following documents were approved for the organization of a new operating system for emergency services in Emery County: Emery County EMS Cooperative Agreement; Emery County EMS Articles of Incorporation; Discussion and approval of Emery County EMS Bylaws. Green River, Emery and Ferron have signed the documents. Huntington hasn’t signed the new documents. They have consulted their lawyer and are concerned with liability issues for the city. Castle Dale City has discussed the documents but they haven’t signed the new documents.
A Tourism Incentive Fund requests for Castle Valley Outdoors was approved. This is a matching fund request and will be used to improve lighting and signage at the entrance to the Castle Valley Outdoors north of Emery.
Shannon Hiatt selected Bailey Huggard, Dax Hall, Malone Moss and Allen Durrant as part time lifeguards working 19 ¾ hours per week with no benefits.
Commissioner Paul Cowley selected Kelli Nelson as a part time Aging Director working 19 ¾ hours per week with no benefits.
Becky Jewkes was hired as a full-time, with benefits, Librarian in the Huntington Library.
Janet Damron was given a 3 percent wage increase for successful completion of her 6 month orientation period as the Senior Deputy Recorder.
Jonathon Hunt’s position on the Travel Bureau Board was approved for another term.
Attorney Olsen thanked everyone who helped the elections to run smoothly. He is thankful for the election process and those people who choose to run.
Commissioner Migliori said the Ferron Care and Rehab Center had no tags recently after they were surveyed. This is a great tribute to them and the hard work they have put in. Three years ago there were 20 tagged items.
The care center recently received a letter from the state complimenting the care center on the efforts made there. The fire district season is coming to an end. Any burnings should be coordinated with the city and county. Next year there will be an alternative fuels conference in the area to explore coal for alternate uses. The University of Utah recently received a grant to explore options for coal also. “Hopefully, good things can come about to keep our area viable,” said Commissioner Migliori.
Commissioner Paul Cowley said the BLM is holding scoping meetings on the expansion of Goblin Valley and he encouraged everyone to make comments.

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