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Emery Town Council approves EMS documents

By ALICE WADLEY staff writer

Emery Town council met for their monthly council meeting on Nov. 9. A citizen inquired about serving on the fire department. Councilman Patrick Sundstrom is in charge of the fire department, he will need to be contacted for additional information.
The council discussed the possibility of revising the parking ordinance. For consideration to be added to the ordinance a clause for allowing access to emergency vehicles and snow plows and no derelict vehicles on the street. The violator will receive a verbal warning, a written letter and a certified letter. A fine of $50 a week would be imposed until the vehicle is moved. The city does not want to be burdensome to the residents and will work with the vehicle owners to resolve any issues. In order to pass a new ordinance a public hearing will need to be held.
The council signed the EMS cooperative agreement. Emery Town will have an EMT sit on the board as a representative. There needs to be a separation between the garage lead and the board members. The recommendations from Emery Town was not included in the agreement. This is an interim agreement until a special service district can be formed for the EMTs.
Councilwoman Corrine Dalton discussed the general plan. She sent the plan to Salt Lake City for a review. They made recommendations of items that needed to be added or revised.
Councilman Varian Allen gave his report. The water treatment plant in Ferron is almost complete. The special service district is talking about going longer between chip/seal projects in the cities. The city will continue the yard of the month. The veterans memorial dedication was a success. He would like to see a city Veterans Day program next year.
Councilman Wiley Pope thanked everyone on the council for the opportunity to serve. He will be resigning his position. The council will advertise for his position. The town Christmas party will be on Dec. 8 at 6:30 p.m. The public hearing for the parking ordinance will be at 6 p.m.

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